Windshield Replacement Vs Windshield Repair

If you are getting confused about repairing car glass or choosing the Windshield Replacement, before coming to a conclusion you should ponder on certain factors. It mainly impedes visibility and this factor will heavily influence driving. Apart from the obvious factor, the size, depth, and location of a chip or crack also be taken into consideration before coming to a verdict.

Take damaged windshield Repairing services when

It’s obvious, repairing a damaged windshield is cheaper than replacing it with a new one. Car glass repair is based on main factors, such as the kind of stain, the size, and the actual damage like crack.

A popular hack to get the quick answer, cracks that can be covered under a dollar, or the crack is less than 2 inches and shallow enough, take the Windshield Repair alternative.

If you are taking service from a professional, the spot of damage has nothing to do with the repairing. So, crack anywhere on the shield can be easily managed.

Damage that happens on the center of the windshield can usually be repaired.

If the damage can be repaired, then don’t wait to let it become worse. Even a slight crack can ultimately spread to the whole glass, leaving no other except costly replacement. Look for the Windshield Repair Near You companies and schedule an appointment today.

Take damaged windshield Replacement services when

There are some incidences when you have no option except replacement as damage is severe and there is no scope of mending or repair. For example, if your vehicle has met a crash with substantial damage to car glass, you’ll need a new one. Sometimes, small cracks due to pressure, atmospheric conditions, and the place of crack can also become the reason for total replacement.

Generally, if the windscreen has multiple cracks even small-size then replacement is better as they can spur damage in the future. Moreover, the windshield with multiple cracks loses its strength to withstand the impact it can make you prone to sudden accidents. When a crack is around 14 inches replace the screen without second thoughts.

Damage to the driver’s side necessitates replacement because impacts visibility and small cracks allow dust particles to penetrate inside the car causing irritation in the driver’s eyes.

Sometimes, the inner layer of plastic loses its transparency due to long exposure to the sun and other factors. For this reason, replacement becomes the only alternative.

Damages that are beyond repair:

  • on the interior side of the windshield
  • deep damage till the inner plastic layer
  • damage over tech facilities of the vehicle
  • damages that reach the drivers’ line of vision
  • More than 3 cracks
  • very long cracks (i.e. over 16 inches long)
  • contaminated cracks that induce dust
  • edge cracks and chips

What are the most common kinds of crack?

  • Bull’s Eye Crack
  • Star Crack or Ding Crack
  • Combination Break
  • Half Moon Crack
  • Floater Crack

Factors you should consider before windshield repairing or replacement

  1. Size

If the Break is 2.5 centimeters or less in diameter and cracks that are no longer than 6 cm can be repaired. But if these figures get crossed you should look for replacement services around.

  1. Location

Repair is not advisable when edging cracks and chips as these due to pressure and bumps make get longer and wider. Even if it looks almost fine, cracking in this location tends to weaken the structure of the vehicle. In addition, windshield damage that spoils the view of the rear camera or any other facility such as lane departure warning systems then should be replaced.

  1. Visibility

It is the main factor, smaller cracks and chips are okay to be mended but subject to the condition it does not reduce visibility by the driver. Certainly, anything which hinders the driver’s line of vision can be an open invitation to mishaps and accidents.

Bottom line

A professional windshield repair is good when it’s insignificant damage and it takes around 1 hour to do it, although you may need to wait before taking the vehicle on road. Nevertheless, if you have no other option than replacement then check the online quote and ask the insurance agent about expense coverage.