Why Don’t All Cars Have a Rear Windshield Wiper?

Windshield wiper blades are one of the critical components of the car. When you are driving during rain, they help you for a better and clearer view. They keep you safe and work as a safety tool for oncoming drivers and pedestrians. So, you can leave your family at home and drive safely to your destination unless you know where the back wiper switch is and whether it is in good working condition. 

Do you know about the term “saloon car”? If not, we will discuss it further in the article. 

What does a saloon car mean?

A saloon is a style of vehicle with a separate boot from the passenger area and a boot lid that hinges below the rear window. Although that idea is simple enough, there is more to it.

Why are the rear windows of some vehicles equipped with windscreen wipers?

Easy Operator

You must be familiar with how some vehicle types’ flat or steeply sloping backs influence the direction of an airflow across them. It is so because the air behind the car is drawn in and the lower air pressure. It spins it around, kicking up various types of dust and dirt, which it then deposits on the back of the vehicle.

Why are the rear windows of some vehicles equipped with windscreen wipers? 

The airflow can move across the vehicle’s surface more quickly and directly because the rear ends taper off more smoothly. As a result, there is no need for a rear wiper blade because air can also move across the windscreen and remove any precipitation on the surface.

What Happens to the Dirt?

For saloons, swirling air is still a problem. However, it frequently develops behind the boot at the vehicle’s rear, which is still far away from the rear windscreen. Because the negative pressure region is smaller, the vortex is frequently much smaller.

On the back license plate and lights, muck may accumulate as a result. Most of us don’t have a problem with this because we wash our vehicles every weekend. Even so, those attentive to these responsibilities risk being less noticeable to other drivers or having their license plates covered.

The vehicle designer always decides on a saloon’s rear windscreen wiper. Do you possess any?

What are the different kinds of windshield wipers?

Wiper blades come in three primary types: “conventional,” “flat,” and “hybrid.” 

The connected blade easily distinguishes conventional wipers from an articulated metal frame. They’re the kind that has been a standard issue on many cars for decades. In more recent years, flat wipers have grown in popularity. 

The flat wipers comprise a thick blade and a small plastic joint in the middle. 

Hybrid wipers combine the two, and the ‘frame’ of the blade acts as an aerodynamic spoiler. It is intended to push the blade onto the screen to prevent it from lifting quickly. If your car currently has conventional wipers, you can upgrade to flat or hybrid wipers for improved aesthetics and performance.

Rear wipers are usually a lot smaller than the fronts. Although plenty of cars have the same style of wipers as on the front, some cars feature a model-specific rear wiper with the arm and the blade integrated as one unit. You must replace them as they usually hold a splined shaft utilizing a small nut. 

How to buy new wiper blades?

You need to ensure you get the correct length wipers for your car, as they come in many different lengths. Most retailers will sell sets designed for your particular car, but measuring yours first is always a good idea to ensure they fit. 

There is a wide range of prices, with seemingly similar wipers costing considerably more than budget options. It’s always wise to seek out online reviews before buying, as being more expensive sometimes equates to them being better. Even the cheapest of wipers should give a couple of years of service. 

Fitting new wiper blades

First, pull the wiper arm forward to remove the old blades – but be careful, they’re spring loaded, so they will ‘snap’ back against the window if you’re not careful. 

If you need to figure out how yours operate, it’s wise to check in your handbook as there are some cars where the wipers’ park’ out of sight below the bonnet line or behind the windscreen pillars. 

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