DOs and DON’Ts for Replacing a Windshield Before and After.

Do you want to learn a few tips for replacing a windshield glass once it has been replaced? 

These important dos and don’ts will help you avoid taking your car back to the shop and give you essential maintenance and care instructions that will increase the lifespan of the glass.

When you leave the shop, you should know what you should do after the repair & replacement of the windshield. You must consider the professionals’ instructions on what to do and not after the repair & replacement of the car windshield. For example;

DOs and DON’Ts for Replacing a Windshield Before and After.



  • Investigate the warranty options offered by the windshield manufacturer.
  • Put on protective eyewear, gloves, and clothing.
  • Verify that your vehicle’s windshield is the correct size, shape, and tint.
  • Verify that all the necessary tools and parts are available.
  • Cover any exposed areas of the vehicle with protective plastic or tape.


  • Only attempt to install the windshield if you are confident in your ability.
  • Only try to install the windshield if you have studied the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.
  • Remember to check for damaged clips or bolts before removing the windshield.



  • Check the windshield for proper alignment and fit.
  • Check that all clips and bolts are correctly tightened.
  • Apply a commercial sealant around the edges of the auto windshield.
  • Clean the car windshield with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth.


  • Wait to drive the vehicle until the sealant has fully cured.
  • Do not apply too much sealant to the windshield.
  • Do not use a razor blade or any other sharp object on your windshield.

Following repair, maintaining your vehicle glass should be your first concern, and you must give your automobile the attention it requires.

Here are a few things to do and avoid after replacing your auto glass.

After Car Glass Repair. 

Within the first 48 hours of installation, your windscreen is most vulnerable. Pay attention to your surroundings and carefully handle your automobile when leaving the shop.

Keep your dashboard clear of clutter.

Maintaining a clean windscreen is crucial, especially in the first 48 hours following auto glass replacement or repair.

If you’re asking why it’s so that nothing presses against the wet urethane throughout the 48 hours, the dash should be free of any clutter or anything.

Avoid slamming doors.

It is crucial to keep in mind to close any automobile doors gently for the first two days following your auto glass replacement. Everything is healing, and the molding and glue are curing, which is the cause of this. You risk rupturing the seal if your automobile doors are banged.

Go to the carwash slowly.

After replacing your vehicle glass, you feel complete once more and may feel that your requires a professional wash. 

You must wait for at least 48 hours to avoid any further issues. After a fresh installation, a high-pressure car wash may cause moldings to move. It’s critical to wait 48 hours so your adhesive and molding can set and dry to prevent this from happening. When a few days have passed, you can polish the recently fixed car and give it a test drive.

Do not move the adhesive tape.

A specialist will apply adhesive tape to the auto glass after fixing it. Until the adhesive dries, sticky tape is used to keep the seal in place. You must continue wearing this to ensure the healing and drying processes go smoothly.

Keep a window slightly ajar.

Although it may seem stupid, this post-auto glass replacement precaution is crucial. Did you know that while the seal surrounding the glass dries, air pressure can stress it? Leave a window cracked, preferably between one and two inches, to stop leaks from being caused by pressure.

Don’t push the new windscreen too hard.

Avoid driving on deteriorating roads, maintain the area where the auto glass replacement was performed, and, most importantly, pay attention to the advice of your service providers regarding what to do next after the auto glass replacement.

Fundamentals for Long-Term Car Glass Repair


After replacing your auto glass, you can discover a fresh chip in your windscreen. When this happens, have it fixed right away?

By doing this, you’re stopping that chip or tiny fissure from growing and causing more harm.

  • Maintain a safe space behind the car in front of you. There may be times when you are driving on a motorway or road that is covered in gravel. Ensure to maintain a safe distance while driving to stop loose gravel or dirt from being swept up and hitting your vehicle. Tiny pebbles that break your car’s windscreen are more likely to happen when you’re moving quickly.
  • Clean the interiors and exteriors of your windows wholly and effortlessly. Make sure to wash the inside and outside of your car’s windows.
  • Avoid leaving your vehicle in the sun’s path. The high temperatures you subject your car to will cause your windscreen to start to weaken over time.
  • If possible, always leave your car parked in a shaded location or underneath a cover. Be careful where you store your car during the summer because the heat weakens your car’s glass.

These tips will help you understand what to do and what not after the repair or replacement of your car’s windshield. 

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