Windshield Heroes : Windshield repairs taken online

Windshield Heroes: Windshield repairs taken online

Online purchases and service bookings are becoming increasingly popular every day. Businesses are rapidly aligning themselves to generate more and more income through online stores and applications.

Even if revenues generated online do not amass to a major chunk of their profits, they still have to adapt to maintain an online presence in order to accommodate users who prefer the ease of everything with the push of a free button wherever they are

But somethings never change

Online purchases, service bookings, and reservations were initially looked upon as tools that promote luxury and privilege. Thus many industries were by default thought to be exempt from such innovations that were taking the world by storm.

It was not the ability to adapt, but the traditionally labor-intensive and mechanical nature of such businesses that first kept them from exploring technology that now helps them excel.

To put it simply, you can have a robot lay your bricks and even automate the process of making them. But, someone still has to transport all of the material to the construction site.

Similarly, machines have been computerized to carry out tasks that were not long ago performed by a skilled person. Someone at the back still has to configure those machines.

Although process automation has made businesses much efficient, cut down labor costs, and enabled compartmentalized keeping of records, businesses that are engaged in the manufacturing of products and delivery of tangible services always require human supervision to ensure a finished product that is free from any defect.

Bringing change to windshield repair services

Against all odds and expectations, Windshield Heroes has incorporated the latest technology to provide users with a hassle-free service that saves them time and money.

Repair or replacement of automobile windshields is a serious business that directly impacts your driving experience. An inexperienced fix may result in harm to the driver of the car and others on the road.

The professionalism and care that goes into repairing or replacing a car windshield can only be brought about by an experienced technician who can detect the smallest of flaws with the naked eye. For such reasons, Windshield repairs are, and traditionally have been, carried out best by certified technicians.

So how is Windshield Heroes advancing into an era of technology?

Although repairs and replacements have to be carried out manually in order to ensure maximum compliance with road safety regulations, that is not even the most annoying part of getting the job done. That would be booking a technician for the job.

Usually, you would wait until the weekend before you can go around to look for a repair technician. If you happen to know of one, you do not want to drive up to the store just for nothing. It would be best to get an appointment and wait for your turn.

Once the damage is assessed, you then wait for replacement parts, and depending on availability again, you get your windshield fixed.

Isn’t that a lot of trips to the windshield repair store? Yes. But Windshield Heroes has cut down the trips you make along with the repair time thanks to the internet and a strong community of interconnected technicians that are now online.

How does work?

windshield issue

A few easy steps get you an unrivaled repair service without compromising on any aspect of windshield repairs.

You simply log onto After you have set up your account, you upload pictures of the damage wherever you are.

The damage gets assessed in real-time by experienced technicians who then submit diagnostics based on the pictures you upload. Assessment will conclude with either repair or replacement.

Once you have the damage assessment, you will also be provided with an immediate estimate for the cost of the services.

Once everything has been decided, you have nothing more to do but schedule a repair, wherever you are. That’s right! You do not have to go anywhere, but a technician comes to you. You will be notified about the availability of parts and even reschedule your repair service online.

This isn’t the only way you save time and money with, windshield heroes is a platform for the most skilled technicians. Once a job is posted online, the technician nearest to you, with all the necessary parts available is notified first so you do not have to wait. Also if you want to experience the windshield heroes privilege first hand, you can also schedule an in store repair whenever it’s convenient.