What Size Windshield Wipers Do I Need?

Are your car windshield wipers not doing their job precisely? Or are they producing awful noises with the blades? In such a condition, it might be possible that they get damaged. Maybe it is time to replace them. The reasons may vary, such as you didn’t get the windshield wiper blade size; therefore, they are causing ugly noises while moving in to and fro directions.  

Windshield wiper blade sizes vary depending on the vehicle’s model, size, and vintage. Therefore it is vital to know the correct dimension of the windshield blades to fit them precisely in the car. It is so because improperly fitted blades won’t function properly and cause damage to the vehicle and car windshield while driving, and it is heavy rain outside. 

How To Get The Right Windshield Wiper Blade Size?

The swish sound of the windshield wipers while clearing away the snow and rain ensures the vehicle’s safety and the car driver’s. According to reliable sources, wiper inserts that clean the windshield should be replaced every six months, especially after the frozen winter and burning hot summer. However, a diverse range of windshield wipers are available in the market, so choose the correct size wisely.    

If you choose longer wiper blades, they can cause a jam and bump into each other, resulting in damaged blades or even can cause motor failure. Also, big blades may reduce visibility. Edges that are too short won’t be able to clean the entire windshield.  

How to Check Windshield Wiper Blade Size?

  • Automobile companies offer specific windshield wiper blade sizes for every model and year. You must be careful while choosing the size of windshield wipers. 
  • You should check the manual booklet to determine the correct size of the blades added to your car. If you have lost it, take the assistance of the internet.
  • You can measure the size of the blades with the inch tape to know the correct length. It is essential to get the measurements of both wiper blades as many vehicles have different-sized wiper blades. (Note: don’t forget the rear wiper, if you have one). 
  • Visit an authentic auto parts store that should stock all wiper blade sizes. Ask experienced professionals as they can tell you what is the right size of your car windshield wipers, or go through the chart to determine the accurate size.
  • You can determine the actual size of the wiper blades through the vehicle registration number tool. Enter your registration number, and it will display the correct length of the windshield wipers blades. If you are not aware of your car’s registration number, get to know your vehicle model. You can select the right-sized wiper blades as soon as you get the information. 

How To Maintain Windshield Wipers?

Windshield wipers have to go through adverse effects of the weather. For instance, blazing sun, smog, dust & dirt may damage the windshield wipers blades. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently check your windshield wipers as it is an essential part of routine maintenance.

Clean the windshield often: Don’t use car wipers on a dry windshield, as even a little grit can harm the wiper squeegee. Always use soft clothes soaked with a windshield cleaner solution to remove any build-up junk. You can also use a newspaper ball to polish the window glass.

Check for damage: You should check on the windshield wiper blades from time to time to determine whether they are damaged, twisted, or weak to be fixed in time before it gets severely damaged. 

Hopefully, the tips mentioned earlier can help you get actual-size windshield wipers.

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