As soon as the monsoons come, you will need windshield wipers to drive safely. Wiper blades of car windshield play a vital role in offering a clear vision when it has been raining heavily outside. Therefore, you should know how to use them effectively and efficiently.

What Are Essential Tips To Operate Windshield Wipers and Washer?

If you are not aware of using your car windscreen wipers, we have covered you back as we have provided instructions to operate them wisely.

Recently, Rain sense is a common feature in cars that automatically detects rainfall amount on the windshield and controls the windshield wipers.

 Wiper Blade Settings:

HI — Quick wipes: Pull the wiper lever to the third detent.

LO – Slow wipes: Pull up on the wiper lever until it reaches the second detent.

INT (or Rain sense wipes, if equipped) – Intermittent wipes:

Pull up on the wiper lever until it reaches the first detent.

Adjust the intermittent wiper speed by rotating the intermittent band.

This setting will be labelled AUTO if your vehicle has Rain sense (see below).

OFF — Disables the wipers.

Pull the lever down once for a single wipe. If you keep the lever pushed, the wipers will continue to wipe for up to 12 seconds before stopping.


The turn off button of the washer spray may be different depending on the car model. For more information, consult your owner’s manual. Among the most common choices are:

1. Pull the wiper in the direction of your face.

2. Pull the tab at the lever’s end.


1. Set the windshield wiper lever to AUTO. Rain sense will be enabled in the Driver Information Center.

2. Increase the Rain sense sensitivity ring UP to increase moisture sensitivity.

3. Lower the Rain sense sensitivity band DOWN to reduce moisture sensitivity.

4. To turn off Rain sense, pull the lever out of AUTO.

Rain sense automatically disables when the vehicle is in NEUTRAL to prevent the wipers operating in an automatic car wash.

How To Properly Care For And Maintain Your Windshield Wipers?

As windshield wipers play a crucial role, especially in rainy seasons, offering you a safe driving experience without any stress, it becomes your responsibility to keep them in top condition. Here we have discussed five ways to keep your cars’ windshield wipers maintained.

Never use the wipers on a dry windshield:

Everybody must know that the mechanism of windshield wipers is applicable when the car windshield is wet. If you use them on dry surfaces, the wipers can wear out much more quickly than in average conditions.

If you require cleaning a dry windshield, push the washer button, then use the wipers. But for this, you will need to top up your car with windshield washer fluid. It is also essential to remember to keep windshield wipers in great shape.

Change your wiper blades once a year

Usually, wiper blades function the best for about a year. After that, you may notice defects in your driving visibility. It works as an alert that requires windshield wipers replacement. Also, pay attention to them if they have signs of early wear, including squeaking, smearing, skipping, etc., across the auto glass.

Note: See if the rubber of the blades has become hardened, which is affecting the performance of windshield wipers.

Tighten windscreen wipers’ arms

Suppose you want to prevent the wiper blades from falling out of the car while on the go. Check the screws on the wipers at frequent intervals. It is a fundamental fact to be checked as your car windshield wipers work extra while there is heavy rainfall outside.

Note: Remove the cap and tighten the screws but make sure you don’t overpull them.

Preserve the wiper blades rubber

Even if it is the rainy season, you might witness blazing sunny days. Therefore, to keep the wiper blade rubber soft and flexible, you can apply petroleum jelly over the entire length of the wiper blades. This idea will keep the rubber soft and flexible, retaining its water wiping capacity.

When Is The Windshield Wipers Replacement Necessary?

As we know, windshield wipers are one of the vehicle’s most important components. So, if you find them brittle or streaky, you need to replace them quickly. It is so because older wipers may not handle the heavy rain situations.

Visit windshield heroes if you think you need to replace windshield wipers. As they have the expertise, they can perform the task more effectively and efficiently.