What Should You Do If Your Car’s Sunroof Glass Has A Crack?

The sunroof is a crucial component of your car; however, you might face issues like leaks, shattered glass, or malfunctioning buttons over time. Suppose you are driving on the road, and your car’s sunroof shatters suddenly; how much will it cause danger to you and other people’s life sitting in your car? Therefore, keep your car’s sunroof glass maintained. 

Typically, a sunroof is found in luxury cars to offer natural light and better ventilation. You can keep it open to let the fresh air in and provide a great look to your vehicle. You can take the emergency exit if bad happens from your car’s sunroof. Moreover, You can take the emergency exit if bad happens from your car’s sunroof. Also, You must follow essential precautionary steps when you notice a damaged sunroof.  

What to do when you have a damaged sunroof? 

Most glass manufacturers use tempered glass to create sunproof glass for your vehicle as it is sturdy. The process of manufacturing tempered glass includes constant & quick cooling & heating of the glass. Suppose you have met with an accident suddenly causing tempered sunroof glass. In that case, the glass will not shatter into pieces due to the type of material used in the sunproof glass. However, it may break into small parts that do not cause injury to the people in the car. Though you can’t repair broken glass, you must visit an authentic auto glass repair & replacement shop to replace it immediately. 

Pay attention to tempered or cracked glass for longer; visit an auto repair shop to fix it immediately, as cracks on the glass may get bigger and cause more damage. Therefore, call an auto glass repair shop to fix it immediately. 

Consider visiting only a certified & insured repair shop, as they are fully trained and skilled to fix the cracks in your glass. They use every possible method to save your sunroof glass while providing safety to the car’s passengers. At first, they will evaluate the current state of your sunroof glass and offer the most suitable solutions accordingly.

Why is it essential to repair a car’s sunroof? 

As mentioned earlier, the sunroof is an essential part of luxury cars. You can enjoy its various benefits whether you want a clear view of the passing way or extra light and ventilation.

Suppose you notice any cracks or chips over your car’s sunroof. In that case, you must visit the professionals immediately to avoid a more significant issue.

Cracks & Chips:

Like windshield glass, your car’s sunroof glass is manufactured using tempered glass. If unwanted substances like debris hit the glass, it might get cracked, risking your life in danger. Moreover, if the cracks extend, they might be shattered as the sunroof glass is not entirely shatterproof. Suppose you skipped the sunroof repair for longer; it might result in dangerous situations and cause extra money to clean the mess. Therefore, fix your sunroof glass before it causes more damage to your car. 

Broken track:

Most car sunroofs function using a motorized cable system and a track. If the tracks are damaged, you might be unable to properly open/close the sunroof. So, get fixed your sunroof track system immediately to avoid mishaps due to a broken track. Even pay attention to the situation in which the broken sunroof tacks are left with the closed sunroof. Hire professional services immediately to ensure the safety & security of your vehicle. 

Sunroof Leaks:

The sunroof contains small drains funneling water away from the sunroof and the tracking system. Though it might get clogged due to small debris, and when such a thing happens, the water starts collecting there, causing leakage issues. 

Another common issue associated with car sunroof leakage is when you notice rubber gasket deterioration. If you notice sunroof leakage, fix it quickly to avoid severe consequences from leakage. 


According to reliable sources, car sunroof glass shattering complaints have been increasing widely, which might be that professionals are making more giant glasses, causing a higher risk of breakage. However, people love it as it allows them a great view of the sky.  

Visit windshield heroes if you notice any damage to your car’s sunroof. They can provide the best professionals to repair/replace damaged auto glass. They can even arrange a mobile repair service. Once you contact the team, they will come to your location and fix the issue. If you want to know more about our services, contact us today.