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Safelite autoglass vs. Windshield Heroes

Safelite Autoglass vs. Windshield Heroes

Windshield repair services are getting in line to upgrade themselves with the best available technology and tools in order to reach out to the thousands of new clients that are emerging online in order to get services every day.

The competition is heating up while service quality is at an all-time high. While it must seem like the best auto glass repair and replacement services might get ignored among all the fancy names that are popping up, that is certainly not the case.

Making out the best from the rest

It is not just windshield repair services, but all businesses that are making use of the internet and the associated tools to gain an advantage by reaching out to potentially untapped markets.

Although this means that you are likely to see all repair service providers and freelance technicians advertising themselves on the internet. You have to be very careful as to who you place your bet on in order to get the windshield repair service you desire.

While there are hundreds of windshield repair services across the US. Let’s compare 2 of the best to see how they are similar and why there are more pairs of eyes searching for them from behind a cracked screen.

Safelite Autoglass VS Windshield Heroes



Safelite Autoglass is a renowned name in windshield repair and replacement services. They currently operate out of 3 locations across the US but reach out to a larger number of clients than it may appear.

WindshieldHeroes has one primary location and is relatively newer in the market. This has not held them back from growing into one of the largest windshield repairs and replacement companies. They serve an impressive number of clients compared with Safelite and this is not affected by the number of physical stores that they operate.


While both WindshieldHeroes and Safelite operate a smooth and interactive, user-friendly website. This is where Windshieldheroes.com gets a clear edge over all it’s competition.

The websites of both companies appear to be similar and manage decent and consistent traffic. But Windshield Heroes has built its website to be a platform where technicians and those in need of their services come together.

WindshieldHeroes filters the best auto glass technicians to register with them. This cuts down the need to operate physical stores because it allows repair stores and retailers to be vendors with WindshieldHeroes who are available for dispatch whenever you request a service.

Response times and service levels

Once again, both companies maintain a commendable service level which is testified by hundreds of users. Assessments are carried out by experts who provide the best possible resolution for the problem.

WindshieldHeroes takes the lead once more for the unmatchable response times by the team working round the clock. Once you submit pictures of the damage for assessment, you are offered a resolution, estimated cost of repairs or replacement, and scheduling options within minutes.

The technician closest to your physical location is notified and confirms the appointment depending on the availability of parts.

Both Safelite Autoglass and WindshieldHeroes.com are service providers to look out for and it won’t be surprising to see that other services mirror the business model and digital media usage employed by them