When we drive on the road, we should be aware of every function of the vehicle as every component has its unique feature and importance to help the driver feel at ease even in adverse weather effects. Windshield wipers are one of the most critical components, and we must know how to operate them. 

They remove undesired components and moisture from the vehicle’s windscreen. Most vehicles include windshield wipers like plains, trains, cars, and even boats. 

Are you going outside on a rainy day?

Suppose you are driving your car on a rainy day and do not learn how to operate windshield wipers; you can imagine how dangerous it can be. Therefore, never drive a vehicle until you are unaware of its every function and feature, as you might not know when you will need to use them.

Windshield wipers are super easy to operate, but their functionality may depend on the model and type of car. However, the basics of windscreen wipers are the same in every vehicle. Still, it would be best if you learned the rules before you take the car on the road. Therefore, Learn to operate front and back windshield wipers properly.   

Different types of windscreen wipers:

Front Windshield Wipers:

Find the windscreen wiper control stalk on the right side of the steering wheel. Most cars provide the control lever on the right side to turn on and off the wipers. You might notice the dial on the control stalk, allowing users to adjust the wipers’ speed. While some vehicles might have wipers control on the left side of some cars, they will still function similarly. 

Back Windshield Wipers:

You can see the back windshield controls on the dashboard, where you can see a rectangle-shaped symbol with a single wiper line bent through the center. 

Use the rear wiper dial on the control stalk to activate the rear wipers if you see the symbol. Push a button to operate the rear wipers if you notice the mark on the dashboard. The rear windshield wipers dial is often located to the left of the primary windshield wipers dial. In some vehicles, the controls for the rear windshield wipers could be a push button at the tip of the control stalk.

Not every automobile has wipers on the back windshield. If you’re unsure if you have them or if the controls appear different, consult your owner’s handbook.

You can search operating instructions online according to the car type and model. 

Rain-sensing windshield wipers:

Rain-sensing windscreen wipers can sense moisture on the windshield and start the wipers to help drivers clear road visibility. Once you start the system, drivers need not activate, deactivate, or adjust the wipers’ speed under everyday driving situations.

 Note: Switch off the Rain-sensing windshield wipers system before getting an automatic car wash.

How to operate the car wipers?

  • Hide the wiper lever in the third detent for quick wiping.
  • Push the wiper lever to the second detent for slow wiping.
  • Wipes used intermittently (or Rainsense wipes, if available):
  • To reach the first detent, raise the wiper lever.
  • To change the intermittent wiper speed, turn the intermittent band.
  • If rain sense is installed in your car, this setting will be marked AUTO (see below).

OFF — Turns off the wipers.

  • One time — Single wipe: Depress the lever. The wipers will continue to wipe for up to 12 seconds if you keep the lever depressed before stopping.


Depending on the car, the washer spray may or may not be activated. For details, check your owners manual. 

Typical choices include:

  • Bring the wiper closer to you.
  • Push the final tab.


Starting the washer spray counts on the vehicle model. Check your Owner’s Manual for specifics. Common options include:

  • Pull the wiper toward you.
  • Push the tab at the end of the lever.

 How long does it take for a rain sensor to dry out?

The dry-out period may only last 4 hours, depending on the weather (temperature, humidity, and the established rain threshold). If the weather is cold and moist, your sensor might be operational for months.


Despite being a small component of your car, windshield wipers significantly impact your driving and general safety. They swiftly and efficiently remove rain, snow, dirt, pollen, frost, and other debris at the touch of a button!

The windshield wiper motor sweeps the windshield with the windshield wiper arms in motion. You may see the road more clearly by having the water removed from the windscreen by the metal or rigid plastic arms dragging a thin rubber (or silicone) blade over it.

Over time your windshield wipers may break or lose flexibility; in such cases, our windshield heroes can help you find the top-rated automobile service center that provides excellency at dealing with all types of windshield wipers issues.