A cracked windshield does not look pretty and is not usable as it can lead to various precarious situations. It can result from a sudden hit of road debris. Luckily, the technology is advanced, and you can get fixed the chips & cracks of the windshield in a few hours.   

Windshield cracks are widespread nowadays; therefore, you must know the different ways how to fix them proficiently.  

What Is a Windshield Made Up Of?

The windshield comprises three layers, including two pieces of curved glass and plastic vinyl, for protective and structural reasons. Such structure ensures that the object that hits the windshield won’t enter the cabin.

The structure helps the window from shattering and reduces the chances of breaking glass into large sharp pieces. That’s why most hits of rocks damage the windshield glass’s first layer, only making it easy to replace. 

What are Common Things That Will Crack Your Windshield?

 A car windshield can get cracks because of usual things like a tree branch can fall off on it causing chips & cracks, a piece of rock can get tossed and hit your car windshield all of a sudden, so, it can happen naturally. 

What are the different types of windshield cracks?

Surprisingly, different types of cracks require other techniques to be fixed. Therefore, everyone must know about them. The most common types of cracks are;

Stress: Stress cracks may not impact the windshield in that particular way, but if the impact is repeatedly made on the affected area, the glass may fall eventually. Generally, it happens due to extreme exposure to heat & cold. 

Edge: As the name defines, such cracks happen at the outer lines of the car windshield and may spread towards the center of the glass. 

Floater: Such cracks are two or more inches from the windshield’s edge. Don’t expose it to extreme heat and cold as it may cause more damage to it.   

Chips: Chips may occur when a piece of rock suddenly hits the car windshield and creates a small divot in the glass. It may cause multiple chips, and you won’t want to avoid them. 

Bullseye: When yor car windshield has bullseye-shaped chips creating crates with concentric rings from a central divot.

Stars: When the crack occurs with tiny fissures in a star pattern. However, such chips can be fixed with the most manageable chips with glass filler.

Combination: Combo cracks can cause multiple impacts resulting in weakened integrity of the glass, causing the situation of immediate replacement. 

Large: Such cracks are the big ones requiring immediate replacement.  

Different ways to fix a cracked windshield:

There are two types of crack fixers, including replacements and fillers. 

Filler: Fillers are clear glues or resins used to fix minor divots, fractures, and cracks. Professionals use them to fix and repair most types of damage; even large cracks and holes can be set using this method. 

Replacement: When the cracks are large to fix, they must be replaced immediately. In such a case, individuals should visit a nearby auto glass repair shop to return the car windshields immediately. 

How to fix a cracked windshield?

  • Use a spray window cleaner or a microfiber towel to clean the window. Avoid spraying directly on the affected area of the windshield. 
  • If you notice any loose glass, use poker to pick it up. 
  • A Dremel tool or a tiny drill can provide a bit to access the air bubble, but it is always beneficial. 
  • Set up the gadget, the suction cups, the stickers, or the bridge.
  • Put the resin injector above the chip and apply pressure to the desired glass area.
  • Place the resin in.
  • To remove the air from the broken glass, create a vacuum. As directed, give this process some time to complete.
  • Dry the resin using sunlight or a UV lamp.
  • There will probably still be a little divot after you fix the repair. Fill the divot with the extra resin or “pit filler” resin.
  • Make sure there are no air bubbles when you place a little piece of plastic on top of the resin.
  • To remove the plastic without pulling the resin out, press down horizontally on the corner of the plastic.
  • Carefully scrape off extra resin using a razor blade.
  • Use Pit polish to enhance the repair’s aesthetic appearance further.

It would be better to visit professionals to fix your car’s windshield, as DIY methods are not always successful. 


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