What Are AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility Characteristics?

AAA-approved repair shops help maintain the performance standards of a vehicle. If you are a member, you can get a labor discount and even free maintenance inspection services. There are various benefits and reasons to having an AAA auto repair facility. For example, you can demand a written estimate on the repair cost and a warranty on auto repair facility work. But, first, we try to know what AAA-approved auto repair means, especially when you are a member.   

What Does AAA Approved Auto Repair Mean?

AAA’s Approved Auto Repair network can handle everything from routine maintenance to extensive repairs. All AAA facilities across the country have been extensively examined and tested yearly to ensure that they meet – and frequently exceed – AAA’s stringent, demanding quality service criteria.

Plus, as a AAA member, you get much more than good auto service. Free maintenance inspections, written estimates, a warranty covering parts and labor, and dispute resolution are all available to AAA members.

What Are the Benefits of AAA Approved Auto Repair?

1. Importance

Every AAR facility offers AAA members a five percent discount on parts and labor, up to $100 for every service!

2. Repairs that offer the manufacturer’s warranty

All repairs, including parts and labor, come with a twelve-month or 12,000-mile warranty, whichever comes first.

3. There will be no surprises

Technicians will give a written cost estimate before they offer any auto repair services. Unless you approve, the total cost will not exceed ten percent of the written estimate.

4. Guaranteed Quality Services Authorized By The American Automobile Association (AAA).

Look for the AAA logo outside the door if you’re looking for a professional, dependable mechanic. Repair shops must pass a rigorous examination to meet AAA criteria for expertise and training, cleanliness, and customer service, among other things.

What Does It Mean to Be an AAA-approved Auto Repair Shop?

Get repair services from the technicians with the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) certification. The National Institute for Automobile Service Excellence certifies highly-trained automotive technicians. AAA requires that businesses with its certification use them. We’ve already boasted about our ASE-Certified techs. That’s because they’re so good at diagnosing and resolving various vehicle problems.

Excellent Repair Services: 

You have to meet AAA’s automobile service standards, which include quality workmanship, OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts, and good customer service, to become an  AAA-approved auto repair shop. You should always conduct business with the most exemplary ethical standards in mind, and the fact that AAA shares similar values are the cherry on top. Do not conduct business in any other manner.

No Cost Maintenance Inspections. 

An AAA-approved auto repair shop verifies that your vehicle that regularly causes difficulties on the road is in good working order or not. Additionally, they make sure that any part of your vehicle is not about to break down or wear out. For instance, the wiper and washer system, external lights, air conditioning system, and batteries are in proper working order. 

Furthermore, the AAA-approved auto repair shop makes a deep evaluation by checking around thirty-eight separate vehicle points. Mechanics will also inspect your tires, brakes, steering, and suspension systems, among other things when you reach an auto repair service center. In that case, they send consumers a written recommendation explaining why the repair shop is offering a warranty of their repair services, as AAA suggests. 

What Does The Process Involve?

It’s not easy to get AAA approval. AAA expects the highest standards, which is why you can tell whether the particular auto repair shop follows the AAA guidelines or not until you see our AAA sign in our window. An AAA service specialist inspects a car repair business for cleanliness, suitable tools, adequate technical training, and the requisite technician certificates before awarding the AAA-approved label. They will ensure that the shop considers the most up-to-date technology and uses upgraded equipment.

Additionally, The AAA representative will speak with the auto repair experts to ensure that they are ASE-certified in the repairs performed by the shop. This ensures that the mechanics are well-trained and experienced. The AAA agent will also inquire as to if the shop has any master technicians that are ASE certified.

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