Windshield wipers are one of the most essential components of a vehicle as they play a vital role in the safety of the driver and the other people traveling in the car. Typically, the windshield wiper function to clean the windscreen during the rain. The back-and-forth swish sound indicates that your windshield wipers are working correctly. Suppose they get damaged due to some particular reasons, and you are traveling without fixing them; suddenly, it starts raining, then you won’t be able to see anything explicit on the road, and you can meet an accident.

This is the last thing that you will want to happen. Therefore, get an inspection regularly of your windshield wipers and other vital parts of your car to detect any damage to them. It will allow you to fix them quickly and have a safe journey. You can replace them if your technician confirms that replacement is necessary.  

However, you should replace them in six to twelve months, especially if it is too hot or too cold weather. 

As we know, your vehicle wiper blades also face many odds every season. For example, during hot summer, there is a hot temperature, scorching sun heat, dust, and bugs that may accumulate on the rubber wiper blade surfaces. On the other hand, during winters, there is extensive cold and abrasive ice, salt, and sand that may damage the rubber wiper blades.    

How to spot if it’s time to change your wipers?

According to the experts, you should replace the windshield wipers every six to twelve months as they face adverse weather effects and may wear and tear. The sun’s UV rays, the harsh chemical used in the fluid to clean the windscreen, and many more are the major causes of their wear and tear.  

Although some specific signs indicate that it’s high time to replace them. The signs are;

Your windscreen wipers may leave streaks on the windshield, skipping spots, and squeaking sounds; these signs alert you to change the wipers immediately. 

Streaking: when the rubber of windshield wipers becomes hardened or cracked over time due to direct exposure to sunlight, road grit may also cause damage and many more. As a result, you will see that bands of water are still there after every wipe, and spots like streaking become more prominent. 

Smearing: The wiper edge becomes rigid and round due to damage. It causes smearing of water across the surface of the windscreen resulting in faulty visibility.

Squeaking: The worn rubber blade cause the rough sound of squeaking across the windshield. 

Chattering: Vibration of the blades causes skip across the windshield due to excessive heat and cool temperatures, or you did not use them for a longer time. 

Suppose you mix dishwasher detergent into the water and fill it in a washer fluid reservoir to clean the windscreen. In that case, it may ruin the rubber blades of windshield wipers due to salt. Moreover,  it may affect the metal parts in the wiper arms. 

These are the main indications that will tell you that you need to replace windshield wipers quickly. 

What are the possible dangers of worn wipers?

Damaged wipers can cause inconvenience and a security threat to your life. When you ignore the worn wipers and continue traveling on the road, they may cause streaking and leave major areas uncleaned on the windshield. You will see the missing rubber parts of the windshield blades. You must be surprised to hear that even if the windshield wiper is tiny broken, reducing visibility in bad weather.  As a result, it affects your visibility power and compromises your safety.   

Therefore, it is crucial to detect the signs of worn windshield wipers before it gets too late. Make sure your windshield wipers do not have poor wiping quality, rough and rigid corners, do not cause poor visibility, etc. Once you learn to identify the early signs of windshield wipers’ damage, you can take action accordingly. So, book a regular service appointment at local auto repair shops for regular inspections and solutions if anything is wrong. 

Quality is Key—and You’ve Got Options

Remember, always get quality windshield wiper blades. For example, you can look for an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) from an authentic manufacturer that guarantees quality. They should be tested and follow the quality standards during the manufacturing process. 


Always consider the hingeless, one-piece design of windshield wipers’ blades without joints or segments. It is so because they can stop the buildup of ice as it can reduce the visibility on the road. 

Contact windshield heroes, as they know the most skilled automobile repair & maintenance stores at your locations and provide their assistance when you require it.