Find windshield repair and replacement technicians the easy way

Most services claim to be better than the rest in every way possible. But, a look at what makes Windshield Heroes better than the best, will truly help understand how Windshield Heroes compares with traditional windshield repair and replacement services.

While most claims of outstanding service are not met by the business advertising them, it is believed that a business can only best it’s competition when incorporating revolutionary ideas or technology that has never been equipped by other businesses of the same nature.

How did Windshield Heroes change the windshield repair business?

While it is becoming seemingly impossible to conduct business without the aid of computer technology, getting your windshield fixed was traditionally a physically demanding and labor-intensive process.

It mostly begins with waking up to find a cracked windshield and no one around to be blamed. Once you have expressed your frustration, then comes the hard part.

You have to find a credible repair store and technician, set an appointment, visit the store for damage assessment, deal with uncertainty regarding repair and replacement options, ensuring that the job is done as per state and federal safety regulations and finally the hefty costs associated with getting your car windshield fixed.

By incorporating technology and using the internet, windshield has turned around a business that always relied on multiple physical interactions between technician and service user.

Simply by having access to the internet and clicking a few buttons you can have the broken windshield of your car fixed wherever you are.

So how do You get your car windshield fixed the easiest way with Windshield Heroes?

There are only a few easy steps to follow and all of it is done on your smartphone or computer.

Here is a step by step guide as to how you go about using the best windshield repair and replacement service.

Log onto

windshield repair replacement service

The website is an online platform for both repair technicians and people who require their services. Bringing together the service providers and the users remotely is the biggest step in simplifying car windshield repairs. Both technicians and users may log in or sign up and they are ready to go

Posting a service request online

Once you are logged in, you simp;y need to provide basic information like the make and model of your vehicle. This allows Windshield Heroes to source out the right parts and replacements

It has merely been a few minutes since you came onto the website and you are making good progress. You will upload pictures of the damage to your windscreen and immediately notify if it requires to repair and replacements.

Get an instant estimate

Usually, you would schedule an appointment with a repair store, drive up there and wait for the damage to be inspected before knowing how much it is going to cost you.

But with Windshield Heroes, once you have submitted pictures showing the extent of the damage, an online estimate is instantly generated.

You will also be surprised to figure out that Windshield Heroes services are comparatively cheaper than other services. This is in part due to certified technicians not having to deal with operational costs and travelling long distances to get a job done. The technician closest to you is notified and dispatched when a job needs to be completed.

Schedule a repair

Now that you know the right replacement windshield is available and also how much it is going to cost you, you can schedule a repair online at your convenience. If it suits you, you may even opt for an in-store repair option at a time of your choosing.

If you haven’t signed up on Windshield Heroes or need to check out our cool features and services you can simply click on the link