Can You Install A Windshield Yourself?

Driving with a cracked windshield could become your worst decision and in so many states it’s illegal. A cracked windshield can break and fly right into the people sitting inside the vehicle. It hampers the driver’s vision and allows debris to penetrate inside causing itching and allergy. Vehicles’ windshields are made of specific catalyzed adhesives that give durability and strengthening. It’s not that tough to fix a windshield on your own. Below mentioned are quick and easy steps to Install A Windshield.

  • Buy the correct windshield from authorized dealers or other sources.
  • Remove all the accessories attached to the windshield, such as rearview mirror, wipers, etc.
  • Take the windshield into the room and turn off AC or heater.
  • Wear protective gloves, and take the required measures to avoid injury.
  • Analyze the damage around the window gasket. If you see any problem, change it. If the gasket is perfect, through the help of a knife and make a slit in the extreme corner. Carefully, remove the gasket.
  • Push away the glass gently to free it. Discreetly, remove the glass. A windshield is heavy so take the help otherwise do it slowly and steadily.
  • Clean the frame with disinfectant and leave no traces of dirt.
  • Place the gasket in the new windshield. Place the inside of the gasket on the glass.
  • Use sealant or petroleum jelly on the corners of the gasket and gently lower it into the frame.
  • Secure the windshield onto the frame, making sure the gasket fits nicely.
  • Wipe away any debris left.

You can watch the procedure at Windshield Installation Near Me company to understand better.

What are the pros of replacing your own windshield?

Cost– Definitely, doing it on your own can be light on your pocket, but this might turn into adversity if you don’t do it properly. Review your insurance coverage if this service is inclusive then take the professional help and as it is covered under the plan you are getting a free service. Moreover, are you ready to spend a bit check the Cheap Windshield Replacement Quote to get the best deal.

As per your convenience – Upon doing it by yourself, you are not bound to a strict appointment. Do it whenever you feel like it, Whether you want to do it before the office or in the late evening hours, or even on Sunday it is completely your choice. No need to worry about changing the schedule to meet the appointment and goodbye to that suspicious feeling of leaving keys to a stranger.

You learn a new skill– For those who are always up for new things, or a new challenge, replacing windshield could be one of the satisfying activities. Not everyone can do windshield replacement — so you can legitimately feel proud of your skills.

What are the cons of replacing your own windshield?

It works on the right technique – If you strain too much pressure, the windshield could get damaged. If you don’t do it firmly, it might get wobbly. Knowing the precise amount of pressure does all the trick. Experience is the only way to hack this method.

Time- Many repair shops can come to your garage to do the installation. So that means you don’t have to make alterations in your daily activities. If you install it yourself, that one-hour task could take the whole day. Again, the choice, like to sip a milkshake while watching Netflix then the best bet is taking the 24 Hour Windshield Replacement service. They will not disturb even a bit, just open the vehicle and the rest of the things will be done in a zap.

Warranty–  Repair shops usually have a warranty if anything goes wrong it will be the responsibility of the outlet. You lose this chance doing it by yourself, and not to mention have to invest time and money again upon DIY.