Why Your Windshield Keeps Fogging Up & How To Fix It

Is your windshield also tend to fog up every time you drive for a few minutes? But no amount of defrosting power or the wipers would be allowed to solve the problem? Fogging up a windshield screen is normal, especially when there is wet weather outside or in the winter supers cold weather, but this may put your life at risk. So, to stop your foggy windshield from choking the view of your road or causing an accident. To comprehend why your windshield is fogging up and to determine how to fix it up and the prevention of the foggy windshield. 

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Why Do Windshields Fog Up?

Foggy windshields are the derivative of extreme moisture range and temperature changes in the air inside your vehicle’s windshield. On very cold days, any moisture inside the vehicles whether it is vapor from you and your passenger’s breath, snow on the clothing, etc. is subject to anything known as dew point. That is the point when the ambient temperature changes to state and turns out to be condensation. 

If the moisture vapor in the air contends the area around your windows then it condenses into tiny spores of water. Further, these spores will be seen as fog gathering on the interior of your windshield screen.

How to Get Rid of a Foggy Windshield?

We have no one-size-fits-all commands to explain how to fix a foggy windshield when the temperature outside your windshield is lower than the temperature inside your vehicle. In such a case, you need to follow the given steps fastly to get rid of the foggy windshield, which includes- 

  • Switch up the heat 

Fix the heating temperature of your car to a maximum level. Hot air carries more moisture than cold air, so turning up the heat will help in accumulating the moisture that puts up to a foggy windshield. 

  • Turn your AC on

Now switch off the car heater and then switch on the AC. It will help you in pulling the moisture from the air as it shifts the air conditioner cooling curl. 

  • Break off the air recirculation 

Turn the air recirculation button off. It allows you to keep cold, dry air to enter in the vehicle. 

  • Open your windows

Smash your vehicle windows to open barely for a few minutes. It will help you in combining the sticky air inside the car and cold, dry wind outside the vehicle to eliminate the fog from the windshield screen. 

How To Prevent A Foggy Windshield?

Following are some of the best ways to prevent your foggy windshield- 

  1. Start the defroster when you warm up your car 

Switch on the vehicle defroster when you need to warm up your vehicle. Also, if you are using a remote starter to warm up the car on cold mornings, then set the defroster in the night. So that it would be easy to remove the fog from the windshield. 

2. Use an ammonia-based window cleaner

It can help in cleaning and removing the build-up interior of your windshield. Hence, one can use the ammonia-based window cleaner to the windshield interior. Use the vertical and horizontal strokes to spread the window cleaner, and re-apply the cleaner again to clear the windshield regularly. 

3. Employ fresh air method

Make sure that the car heater or the AC is set on fresh air mode, not to the recirculation settings. Otherwise, the vehicle may reuse the humid or damp air, which increases the risk of a hazy windshield. 

4. Apply shaving cream to the interior of your windshield

Always make use of a clean and dry towel to wipe a shaving cream around your windshield interior. After this, take a second towel to eliminate the shaving cream from the windshield. It will help you in creating a shielding film on your windshield interiors and prevent getting it foggy. 

5. Keep a Car Window Open

Having a slight window open in your car will help you to prevent the windshield screen from the fog. 

A foggy windshield makes a driving situation more dangerous and difficult. But if you follow the above-mentioned points, then it will be easy for you to prevent the foggy windshield. 

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