Are you facing difficulties seeing in all the directions outside the windows due to the fogging up? Windshield fogging up causes risks to your life by interfering with the visibility while you are driving. So, it is vital to get rid of windscreen fogging as soon as possible. 

Why Does My Car Windshield Keep Fogging Up?

When there is moisture in the air due to the temperature of the surroundings and the windows are colder than the dew, the air will turn into condensation on the windows resulting in fogging appearance.

Additionally, when there is cold outside and the moist air inside the car due to the exhalation of passengers, snow on boots, etc., it condenses, causing a foggy view. On the contrary, the hot and humid day produces opposite results. When the rough air outside your car reaches the dew point, and you have a cold inside due to the AC system of the vehicle. 

What Are The Different Causes Of  Windshield Fogging Up?

Reasons for Windshield fogging up The Car:

  • Due to the respiration process of passengers and drivers.
  • A leakage that lets rain enter the interior of the car.
  • Left wet items such as umbrellas
  • Wet car floor due to snowy boots.
  • Left beverages open inside the vehicle.

More Reasons About Windshield Fogging up:


Humidity is one of the most typical causes of fog-up car windshields. Humidity forms water that converts into water vapor. Once you breathe in and breathe out the humid air, it turns to condensation ending in a foggy windshield. Imagine if the number of passengers is more;  condensation will also increase automatically. Now you can understand how much fog will deposit on the car’s windshield.  

Temperature Variations

When airborne moisture inside your automobile and the glass is colder than the dew point, moisture condenses on your windshield. The temperature at which water condenses and forms dew, fog, and mist is the dew point.

Did you know that the more people you have in your vehicle, the more often and intensely your windows will fog up? Their body heat and moist breath can provide the moisture required for condensation to form quickly.

On rainy days, the moisture from your clothes and umbrella might cause your windshield to fog up. To prevent condensation on your windshield, try to shake off as much moisture as possible.

The Windshield on Your Car Is Dirty

Dust, fingerprints, smoking residue, and cleaning chemical residue can all contribute to your windshield fogging up. The effects of your car’s defroster are slowed by a dirty glass inside, which produces more surface space for moisture to attach.

Use glass cleaner and dry paper towels to wipe the inside of your windshield. It’s critical to clean the glass properly to eliminate streaks, which will appear initially when your windshield begins to fog up.

What To Do During Windshield fogging up?

As we are aware that a foggy windshield can cause damage to your car and the driver’s life, you should follow some simple steps to clear your windshield quickly. 

Activate The Car AC System

If the temperature outside the car is low, turn on your car AC system to get rid of the foggy car windshield. An air conditioner eliminates the moisture from the car to clear the fog. You can also use the temperature sensor to control the car’s AC system and raise the temperature. 

 Activate Car Heater

Use a car heater to get rid of fogging by heightening the temperature inside the car. Drivers may use the demister to redirect the hot air onto the windscreen. At the same time, they are using the air conditioner, heater, or demister. It keeps the moisture trapped inside the car, and the fog won’t disappear.   

Open car windows

You can open car windows to let the fresh air enter inside to prevent fogging up the car windshield. This option is perfect when there is no rain falling outside. Moreover, riding with open windows can create good air circulation to prevent fogging up the car windshields.  

Remove Damp Items

Remove damp items from the car. Don’t leave wet umbrellas or boots inside it.

Use a silica dehumidifier

A silica car dehumidifier acts similarly to the silica packets in the pockets of clothing for sale to prevent moisture. Place the car silica dehumidifier packet inside the car to eliminate the extra water from the air. 

Apply an anti-fogging coating

You can use anti-fogging sprays after cleaning the interior of the windscreen. Read the instructions carefully before using the product. 

Note: Don’t wipe off the car windows with a cloth as it is not going to resolve the issues. As soon as you wipe off the car windshield with a cloth, it will deposit again. So, there is no benefit to using this method.


Hopefully, this information will help you prevent and clear the foggy windshield. If you have issues regarding auto glass, visit windshield heroes, as they can resolve any car windshield issues effectively and proficiently. Reach us now as we are ready to serve you 24×7.