Why Is High Quality Windshield Glass Important?

Are you looking for a windshield glass replacement? A car’s windshield is considered the most vital aspect in terms of security as its safety features keep you safe during an accident, rollover, or collision. During a collision, a high-quality windshield acts as a backboard for the passenger-side airbag. And if it is a rollover accident, the windshield provides support to the roof of your car preventing your dream car from tumbling and hurting vehicle occupants. Therefore, buy only high-quality windshield glass. 

Once you have decided to replace a shattered windshield, you should have sufficient knowledge about the quality of the glass that the professionals will use to replace it. However, it might be a tricky task unless you own the business of auto glass or you have several cars and trucks. But if you are like millions of other automobile owners who don’t have sufficient knowledge about how to recognize the quality of the windshield glass. 

You must know that there are two types of auto glass i.e;  OEM glass (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OEE auto glass (Original Equipment Equivalent) that match the quality standards. You have to be sure that you are buying high quality windshield glass from an authentic auto glass manufacturing company. 

What is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) auto glass?

Most glass manufacturer companies produce OEM and original glass as well. An OEM windshield is identical to the original one. Glass manufacturers companies produce the OEM windshield glass according to the car manufacturer’s specifications. They make sure you will get everything identical to your original glass such as shape, size, and color. Even the thickness and the endurance level should be identical. Additionally, these windshields are certified by the Department of Transportation ensuring your safety. 

What is the difference between OEM and OEE Windshield glass?

Are you curious to know what can differentiate OEM and OEE? They might be the same with slight differences. However, they have different prices. The main difference between OEM and OEE is that the original manufacturer of your car company produces OEM whereas OEE parts are aftermarket parts sold by a third party. Still confused! Don’t be, it is just upon you how you want to balance the price and quality for the auto glass. 

What are the Specific national guidelines for producing and installing auto glass?

The one important thing to consider when picking up auto glass is that it should meet all safety standards. Once you notice that the particular type of windshield glass is matching the safety standards, go for it. Whether you are going to choose OEM or OEE, it should follow the rules and regulations of AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards). 

Importance Of High-Quality Windshield Glass:

The appearance of the glass should be smooth and crystal clear. 

If you notice a blur appearance in your newly installed windshield glass, its quality is poor. With wavy or bumpy windshield glass, you can result in serious consequences in the form of severe accidents. Poor quality windshield glass can cause your life in danger, therefore, consider only high-quality windshield glass that meets the guidelines of AGRSS. Moreover, you can consult the auto glass techs at windshield heroes as they are known as a trusted source for windshield glass repair/replacement. 

Summing Up:

You drive your car safely and attentively! It means you are a good driver, still, you may notice someday that your car’s windshield is shattered or broken. And if you don’t consider it a serious issue, you are causing your own life in danger. Therefore, visit an authentic windshield repair/replacement store to get high-quality windshield glass for your car. Choose OEM windshields at windshield heroes for a high-quality windshield replacement.

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