What Makes Windshield Glass Different From Regular Glass?

Do you also want your car to undergo a glass repair or replacement? Then the first thing which comes to your mind is – Is your windshield different from the glass of your home windows? As they both have a similar appearance. Although they have a wide range of differences between a car’s windshield glass and regular glass. From how it is made and what it is made up of? There are more remote sets of safety glass in cars that help in improving their durability.  

Given below are four substantial ways to differentiate between the automobile window glass for a car and a glass window of your home. 

#1 Glass Windshields Destroy or Ruin Differently

The glass of your windshield does not crack in the same way that your regular glass does. Rather than destroying into bigger pieces, the windshield glass is broken into thousands of small pieces or stays in one large piece. The appearance of this is strange in designs: the glass shatters into more parts instead of fewer pieces. But this is done so purposely for essential reasons ie; to diminish the critical energy during a vehicle crash. Just because glass pieces of a car windshield are extensively less rough, those in automobile accidents are not similar to reduce through a large piece of damaged glass. 

Moreover, the laminated reinforced and tempered safety glass of windshields have fewer chances of damage than the glass you are using at home.  As a result, the drivers and passengers are better safeguards from accidents instead of regular glass. If the force is hard enough to damage the windshield, quietly they are not. But if such things happen then it will result in damage cracks like a spider web shape. 

#2 Broken Windshield Glass is Replaced Discordantly 

If your car’s windshield is broken or deteriorates, then for safety you immediately need a windshield replacement near me. However, every owner is having two different methods when you fix a broken windshield glass of your vehicle. Let’s have a look at both the options- 

  • The first option is to go with an OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer, glass. The meaning of this is that it was designed by the manufacturer as the original glass, making it similar to what they previously were. 
  • The second option is post-market auto glass. Through which was made through the OEM on various production lines or by another manufacturer altogether. 

#3 Windshield Glass Is Designed Distinctly 

The basic reason why your windshield glass is different from window glass is that they are made up of different materials. Generally, the silica sand includes a large amount of its composition, also it is made up of various materials such as dolomite, soda ash, cullet, and limestone. These elements enhance the longevity of the glass, diminish its melting point, and lead to work in a more simple way along with production. 

The front windshield glass of a car is designed with the support of two glass sheets that merge together with a vinyl layer in between them. When the process is finished, then the glass will go for lamination. Further, the additional layer of protection permits it to take more damage than the regular glass. And this is more essential for a safety glass windshield as per the vehicle’s holders. 

#4 Rear And Side Windows Glass Are Of Different Types 

Car’s windows are made from the same material and process but side and rear windows are formed distinctly. Rear and side window glasses are made of tempered glasses instead of laminated glass. The particular alternative is heat-treated to make it more versatile than ordinary glass but still, they are breakable. It might sound strange to design a fragile car window, but it is very supportive of the safety of persons. And in case of being trapped or having an accident. Different from the lamination glass in the front of your vehicle, the tempered glass should break into pieces that are fewer than ordinary glass. Further, this facilitates the persons from the search to get away from the emergencies. 

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