What Are Major Causes of Sunroofs Stop Working?

Most luxury cars come with a sunroof as an essential feature that allows fresh air & light to come inside. You can see various types of sunroof designs in various luxury car models that open and close simply with the push of a button. Sometimes it gets stuck and doesn’t open, causing big problems, especially if it is raining or hot outside. Therefore, it is a must to know how to deal with the issues effectively & efficiently.  

What Is Exactly A Sunroof?

Sunroof/Moonroof is a removable panel that can slide upward and backward, allowing the entry of fresh & light air inside. It allows fresh air inside during the window’s opening and removes the vehicle scent. 

The translucent panel in the sunroof/moonroof acts like a window so that your co-passengers can have a nice view. This sunroof comes with electric control buttons to be operated quickly & smoothly. However, you can also find manually controlled sunroofs in the market.   

What are the different types of Moonroofs?

Usually, there are four types of sunroofs.

  • Panoramic

Typically, it opens up with a panoramic sunroof while covered with glass outside. 

  • Tilt:

The tilt sunroof comes with a flexible panel to be opened in the car, and you can also control them according to your need. Enjoy the changes of weather with the tilting sunroof along with your co-passengers. 

  • Built-in

Usually, it is found in big automobiles with an in-built sunroof that comes with sliding panels, and everyone can open them easily & quickly. 

  • Spoiler:

Spoiler moonroof designs are available with an extendable panel offering a dynamic shape with aerodynamic qualities. 

Why Won’t My Moonroof Close All The Way?

Everybody must know the root causes of the non-working sunroofs. Here, we have discussed some of the major causes of it. Please have a look. If the sunroof is too old to handle, it will cause bigger issues.  

Mechanical Problems:

The most persistent issues can be shattered glass panels, loosened windows, dislodged panels, and much more. You can fix these issues utilizing basic tools. 

Additionally, You can tighten a few screws and bolts to fix the loosened windows. You can also use urethane-adhesive sunroofs to address this issue. 

Twisting, Popping, Or Sticking Moonroofs:

These matters require experts’ assistance to fix them effectively. The root cause of sticking or twisting sunroof may be the lack of lubrication. In such cases, technicians may use heavy silicon grease to lubricate its tracks to deal with them promptly. 

Additionally, the wrong wires may cause twisted problems that lead to sticking or binding. 


Suppose you start losing control over your car’s sunroof, eventually leading to a breakdown. In that case, this might happen due to pressing the sunroof button indiscriminately in the past. 

Lift Arms:

Sunroof can slip in the way of lift arms or guides, leading to their blocked functions. Consult a nearby technician to overcome this matter, which requires regular maintenance.  

Electrical Problem:

This issue is similar to the blown electrical fuse problem that might occur on a sunroof. This issue might cause death to the lack of lubrication, and it might cause a damaged switch, snagged cable, a dead motor, etc. 

Primarily, you must visit technicians for a thorough evaluation to fix various electrical issues. They will check why the sunroof is not functioning properly and offer the appropriate solutions. They might check the sunroof switch and wiring to check whether they are broken or twisted.

How Do You Manually Close A Moonroof?

Once you lock the sliding tabs to your windshield, you must pull down on the housing to eliminate the roof light assembly from the inside. After that, you should attach the wires; join the S-shaped Allen wrench through the left motor hole. Now rotate it clockwise to close the sunroof. 

How Do I Reset My Moonroof?

Most often, people reset their sunroof after the battery & fuse replacement. These power cuts may cause electrical issues with the control button. As a result, the sunroof may need a manual reset to function again.  

The trick is very simple: when you press the button, the sunroof will open a little and then stop, but when you must hold & press the close button until it closes completely. During the process, you may hear a clicking sound similar to disengaging a lock. The procedure might be different in other car models. 

Summing Up:

Hopefully, you will get thorough information on the causes of the nonfunctioning sunroof. If you still need to, you can consult professional technicians to clarify the fact. Also, only opt for DIY methods if you are sure of processing them.

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