New Developments in Windshield Technology in 2022

The automotive industry is continuously growing and pushing forward with the latest and modern technological developments.  The basic parts of a car design from the beginning are dependent totally on innovations. Now it is the time of the new year, so the interesting factor is to look at some advanced features. Thus, the one that we can see that the new luxury cars models are in the launch for the year 2022. Togetherly, we are expecting some new developments in windshield technology for the coming years. 

The automobile is public access, therefore the automotive industry is listing out some of the windshield technologies changes to have better driving experiences. With this, the safety, comfort, and efficiency of the automotive parts all have been enhanced carefully, 

Particularly, we are highlighting some of the technological developments for 2022. These are electrochromic glass, wiperless windshields, panoramic windshields, and heated front windshields. Read out the entire blog to know more about it!

Gorilla Glass

All of you might be wondering what gorilla glass is? This is Corning’s gorilla glass technology which is used in your smartphones to avoid scratches. As the gorilla glass is scratch-resistant. After all, if it comes to car modifications, then the glass claims to be fragile only from the inside of the car. While being scratch-resistant they are not likely with other windshields or windows. The gorilla glass is lightweight as well, they save fuel. 

Heated front windshields

Such types of windshields are unique as they can defrost or defog a bit faster than the normal standard types of windshields. Also, they are an ideal solution for the one who lives in colder climates. Thus, this also enables them to drive safely in critical weather situations and they do not alter the view of the driver. Furthermore, many times you end up saving your energy and money. Just because you would not require to switch on the heaters to defrost or defog your windshields. 

Display Projection

It is a windshield technology that used to be established in military aircraft only, but this is now finding its way into vehicles as well. This only needs a pairing system to your smartphone with the screen and you might see the smartphone screen, ADAS, or map information.  Thus, this idea is not about appearing cool but also enhancing accessibility and safety. 

Panoramic windshield Technology

They are becoming famous and growing in popularity, and the panoramic windshields are in great demand by car owners. It is recognized as the biggest full-size windshield glass in the market today. This consists of an area of 31 square feet. Panoramic windshields are generally created to permit the drivers to see the outside view from the car entirely. This will also help the natural sunlight to enter into your car and enlighten it. Furthermore, it also comes with solar tinting, which naturally darkens the windshield glass, when the rays of the sun are strong. 

Smart Windshield Glass

If it comes to futuristic technology, then cars are always at the forefront with plenty of things being implemented on the skill to fly and smart controls. If one such smart control is the one that emerges for the smart glass of windshields. One may easily find the ‘smart’ windshields in the market which permit you to project displays by linking them with your phones. Such technology is known as ‘heads-up display (HUD)’ same as the one which is used in aircraft. This might help you in keeping your eyes straight in the direction of the road by presenting the data that is in need on the windshield itself. 

Wiper-free Windshields 

Since now, wiper-free windshields are the captivating innovations from McLaren and this is still in development. But also, many of us are still hoping that this thing becomes a reality shortly. The idea is that windshields will not require a conventional wiper to eliminate the rain and snow. Further, the idea of this generally comes from the military techniques which utilize the ultrasonic force. 

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