Do you also wake up early in the morning just because of an icy windshield? As waking up in the morning to an icy windshield is never a good and fresh way to begin your day. It can be irritating and problematic especially when you are already late for your office or some other important work. Winter brings issues of having to deal with snow, ice, and frost.  If you are not parking your vehicle in a garage or some other place that is covered during the winter is not attainable. Now you have a sigh of relief as there are various simple and economical methods to prevent an icy windshield. Penning down some of the tips to deal with the daily snow. 

Make A Use of Vinegar Spray

In winter, spray a vinegar solution every night to prevent it from having an icy windshield. Make a solution with three parts of vinegar and one part of water into a spray bottle. Now take a mixture of vinegar outside and spray it onto the windshield, rear windows, and side windows. After this, wipe the windshield and windows with an old towel or a rag. No need to worry, if you forget to do this at night. As the solution will get disbanded on the windshield so take a little help from the windshield wipers. Don’t ever try to use hot water as your windshield is sensitive to adapt to changes in temperature. The combination of hot water and scraping would lead to cracks in your windshield

Use a Windscreen Cover

The windshield cover with the protector will help in safeguarding the windshield to prevent it from the ice that gets stuck on the glass. Further, one may also use a cloth, a rubber bath mat, cardboard, or tarp. Just spread it over your windshield glass but make sure it is with the windshield wipers. Whatever you pick to cover the windshield screen must be dry. Also, carry the bag in your car to take off the windshield cover in the morning. 

Note- Do not use a newspaper. As they are thin, and you still want to rub the ice off in the morning. Further, cover the side mirrors with a plastic bag and use a rubber band to make them stay in their places. 

Jet The Alcohol Solution

If you are not having vinegar, then alcohol works the best. Now you need to mix third water and two-thirds of rubbing alcohol and spew it on the windshield. Thus, this will help in the prevention of ice formation. The spray is also very useful in clearing ice. Many people have concerns that rubbing alcohol rubs the pain off. But the fact is that it does not cause any harm to your car. 

Onion Rubbing 

Having an idea to use the root vegetable may sound weird, but rubbing the half piece of onion on your windshield screen would make them from frosting in the morning. Take a giant size of onion and cut it into proper lengthwise and do apply it the night before. The oil from the onion lines the glass with a layer that works phenomena. 

Salt Water

If you do not have vinegar or rubbing alcohol, nor the onion. Then, hopefully, you have some salt. A saltwater solution will also give the same effect as all the above solutions. The science behind all three of them is that they freeze at a lower temperature than the normal water. 

Park The Vehicle Facing East

Always make sure to park your vehicle that faces east and let mother nature clear out your windshield. As the sun rises in the east, it will automatically defrost the ice from the windshield. Thus, it will not lead you to get stuck with the scraping of ice in the cold weather. 

Note- this trick will help you to get used to the windshield wipers that do not have heavy lifting for you. 

These are some points that you need to keep in mind for the daily batter with frost, snow, or ice. Don’t try to clear a little space with the credit card, then drive away like a tank leader that only has a tiny hole cleared. Taking out a few minutes for your windshield will help you in saving a lot of time and keep you and others a bit safe on roads. 

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