If you are driving on roads and have a chip on your windshield. Now the question is how it is caused? So whether it occurs by some stone or debris flying up from the road or with some other impacts, cracks and chips will rise as per the time. If they spread quickly, then the complete windshield will need a have a fix windshield chip repair or replacement. 

Many of us are still not aware that these chips or cracks can be repaired or replaced with some DIY methods. If these methods don’t work then you need to hire a professional expert to get it repaired.

What do you Need to Do to Fix the Windshield Chip at home? 

Here are some small windshield chips and cracks that can even be fixed at home with a cracked windshield repair kit.

  • Purchase a windshield repair kit
  • Wash the area of the glass around the chip or crack 
  • Put the sticking patch and plastic pedestal that comes with the kit.
  • Inserted the kit’s epoxy pitch with the injection
  • Permit it to treat and eliminate the pedestal
  • Eliminate any excess epoxy and polish the glass

Steps to Fix a Windshield Chip

Below are some of the steps which help you to fix windshield chip at home.

  1. Take a microfiber towel shower some window cleaner on it and clean the window. Try not to spray the cleaner straight onto the chips.
  2. Utilize a poker to select any free glass. A spray of close air may additionally scatter the shards of chipped glass. 
  3. In some instances, it is suggested to use a Dremel device or small drill bit to get the air bubble, however, it is not generally always essential. If you want to proceed with this step, absolutely do not drill into the vinyl layer that is set within the windshield.
  4. Arrange and fix the bridge, attraction cups, stickers, or equipped device.
  5. Arrange the resin injector over the chip and press it onto the ideal part of the glass.
  6. Drop in the gum.
  7. Make a vacuum and flow the air out of the chipped glass. As per the instruction, allow time for this method to take place. 
  8. Utilizing sunlight or UV light, treat the resin. 
  9. When the chip is filled, there will probably be a small divot remaining. Roll the extra gum or given “pit filler” pitch into the divot. 
  10. Place a tiny piece of plastic on top of the gum and ensure that there are no air bubbles.
  11. Eliminate the plastic by pushing horizontally on the edge of the plastic to prevent hauling the gum out.
  12. Take a razor blade to delicately scratch away excess gum.
  13. Pit clean can be used to further enhance the cosmetic look of the repair.

5 Important Reasons for Repairing Windshield Chips

The windshield isn’t a piece of glass, it is important to get a chipped windshield repair. As it is an important component of your vehicle and if you are driving with a chipped or cracked windshield then you are compromising your safety. 

As people often wonder why to fix the windshield chip or what may one consider while fixing a small chip. However, it would be a small windshield chip but it would turn out to be a big disaster if you don’t repair a small crack in windshield.  The auto glass repair company near me will provide you with the top and best reasons for the windshield repair chip. And they are as follows- 

  • Windshield chips would obstruct your view. 
  • The chips of the windshield would turn out to the cracks. 
  • If you continue driving with the chipped windshield then there would be a charge on you as a traffic violation. 
  • Repairing windshield chips is affordable and quick. 
  • If the windshield crack is big or spreads then it would lead to degrading the vehicle’s structural integrity. 

Call Windshield Heroes for a Windshield Chip Repair!

Hopefully! The article is helpful in decision-making whether to fix or replace your windshield chip. Always remember to take care of those chips and cracks, especially those that are in your line of vision. Stay safe out on the roads! 

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