It’s Sunday morning! You have washed your car fully from the wheels of the car to the interior of your car. Now it’s time to have a long drive and you are feeling blissful and accomplished. But somehow it seems like you are struggling to see the road. Now the question which arises is why so? The reason behind this is the grease, grime, or streaks across your car windshield. 

Ever been there? Most of us. If your car windshield is streaky and full-on with grease. Then it’s time for you to have a car windshield cleaner.  After having a car windshield cleaning and removing smudges, dirt, and the film will give you a clear and proper view of the ahead route. This will also help in preventing the chance of accidents. 

Why does the inside of the windshield get so dirty? 

Before knowing what are the ways to get a clean car windshield, you just need to know why it gets dirty. There are multiple reasons for a gross windshield as mentioned below- 

  • The action of UV rays 

Mostly in summers, the UV rays are the basic reason for a gross windshield. When the heat goes extravagant and combines with the UV rays, putting force on plastic and glass, which would lead to the release of the chemicals and particles this forms a thin layer and stick on a windshield interior. 

  • Dirt 

 The natural and common cause of gross windshields is dirt. It may stick to both inside and outside the car windshield. This will appear as a thin film, which is coming from the dusty parking area or while driving. Also, the dirt may appear from the lengthy stay of misuse, where the stuffing breaks down into dust, gathering on the car window covers.

  • Grime 

Another main cause of the dirty windshield inner side is the grime which is noticed in the form of film or fingerprints. The air which is coming from the vents contributes to grime buildup, as it comes with bearing the exhausted dirt, fumes, and even pollutants. 

Hence, these are some ways why the dirt appears on your car windshield. Now the question is: How to clean car windshield? For this let’s have a look at the ways or methods of car windshield cleaning. 

Top 3 Ways to the Clean Inside of Windshield

Here are the top ways to clean a car windshield that will make your driving easier and clear. Keeping your vehicle’s windshield clean is a simple, yet excessively vital, way to make your vehicle safer for you and other drivers on the road. Given are the 3 methods- 

Method 1  Cleaning the Outside of the Windshield

The method of car cleaning from outside the windshield involves the 5 step process and that is as follows- 

  1. Lift the wipers of the car windshield. 
  2. Spray the diluted glass cleaner on half of the windshield.
  3. Use the straight vertical & horizontal wipes to clean the glass. 
  4. Follow the same process on another side.
  5. Buff the windshield.

Method 2 Clean Inside of Windshield

Let’s understand the stepwise cleaning of your car windshield from the interior side- 

  1. Always put the microfiber towels on your dashboard.
  2. Use a scrub pad for cleaning with spraying some glass cleaner on it. 
  3. Keep scrubbing the driver side until it gets clean. 

Method 3 Organizing Your Windshield Cleaning

Here is the method through which you can organize the cleaning of your car windshield from inside and outside both. Let’s have a brief loon on it steps- 

  1. Select the best quality glass cleaner. 
  2. Keep your plans ready for windshield cleaning or car windshield repair.  
  3. Opt for the right place for your car windshield cleaning. 
  4. For a clean car windshield, you should have the right towel. 

The above-mentioned are some of the best way to clean car windshield. Now selecting the best method and looking for the best windshield repair company for cleaning of car windshield. 

Ensure Your Sparkling Windows Last with Windshield Heroes! 

The right way of cleaning your car is known by you. And your windshield is clean now keep it that way! This is easy to do by parking your car in shady or shelter places which will keep your car cooler such as a home garage. 

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