How To Care For A Newly Replaced Windshield?

Have you changed your windshield recently? Most people are not sure about taking care of it and enhancing its durability. It is crucial to know about the care tips of a newly replaced Windshield to become sure of its durability. 

Despite easy and correct windshield replacement, it is necessary to maintain it and avoid certain things to keep it in that condition. Therefore, you must take care of your windshield after replacement. 

Here, we have mentioned some useful tips to take care of your newly replaced windshield, including;

After A Newly Replaced Windshield Care Tips

According to the experts, you should not leave the shop immediately after windshield replacements as a newly replaced windshield is most vulnerable in the next forty-eight hours after installation or replacement.  

Don’t Drive Car Instantly After A Newly Replaced Windshield

Since the professionals use urethane adhesive to replace or install your car windshield, it requires enough time to set it effectively. If you want to achieve this goal, avoid driving instantly, just after the replacement of the car windshield. 

Stop Doors From Slamming

Slamming the car door can produce a pressure change inside your car compromising the windshield adhesives function of providing strength to it. So, you should shut car doors gently. One important thing to remember is that closing doors harshly can create unnecessary pressure changes.  

Leave The Tape Alone

While the adhesive shows its effectiveness, leave the tape around the edges of your new windshield so that the area will remain sealed and dust and debris won’t compromise the safety of the seal. 

Avoid Instant Car Washing

Everybody is aware of the fact that professionals use high-pressure jets and motor pumps to remove the dust, dirt, and debris from the vehicle. If the sealant does not get dried correctly, it may end in loosening the windshield. Moreover, if they use detergents or liquid soaps to clean the car windshield, it may become abrasive to urethane and silicone-based adhesives and sealants, 

Therefore, you should wait around twenty-four hours after the windshield replacement to maintain its set position and endurance.  

Avoid Using Protective Car Covers And Sun Shades For A few Days

Avoid using car covers and sunshades for a few days as it can affect the setting of the car windshield and risk its cure process. 

Don’t Leave The Window Opened

If you have been living in hot areas, there are chances of developing high pressure inside your car. Moreover, if you leave the car in the parking area for long durations under hot temperatures, your newly replaced car windshield might disassociate due to the building up high pressure. 

Therefore, leaving your window open can prevent high-pressure buildup. 

Go Easy On The New Windshield

Avoid putting unnecessary stress on the sealant as it can impact the setting process of the car windshield. Shut the car doors gently and avoid driving on rough roads containing a lot of potholes and bumps. 

Ongoing Windshield Maintenance

To maintain your windshield, it is important to protect it from adverse conditions and follow all precautionary measures carefully. 

Keep Your Windows Clean

Always use an effective auto glass cleaner to clean your windshield and eliminate dust debris that may obstruct your vision while driving.

Watch For Materials That Can Scratch The Glass

If you have deteriorating windshield wipers, replace them swiftly as they can scratch your auto glass affecting visibility. 

Repair Minor Damage Immediately

 Repair the windshield minor crack immediately otherwise, it can get expanded making the situation worsen. 

Avoid Direct Sunlight After Newly Replaced Windshield?

Try not to park your car in direct sunlight exposure as the intense heat can weaken your auto glass making it more susceptible to damage. 

How To Detect An Incorrectly Installed Newly Replaced Windshield?

There are chances that professionals don’t perform the replacement task correctly and even if you have followed all precautionary steps carefully, you find irregularities in car windshield installation. It can prove dangerous to you. Therefore, it is essential to fix the car windshield effectively and efficiently. If you are not sure that the auto glass technicians have installed the windshield correctly, check out these signs mentioned below;

Look for the irregularities of a newly replaced windshield;

  • There are visible gaps between the windshield glass and frame.
  • If you are feeling a whooshing sound during driving.
  • You will see irregular patterns on the windshield.

If you witness these signs, probably you need to consider an expert auto glass technician.  

How Do Windshield Heroes Help In Maintaining Newly Replaced Windshields?

At Windshield Heroes, our experts are available twenty-four and seven days a week to educate you on safety features. We ensure that there are fewer chances of making mistakes during the car windshield replacement process. Additionally, we will teach you how to take care of car windshield replacement to maintain its longevity.