How Often Should You Replace Your Windshield?

The windshield is a defense mechanism between the driver and several unwanted materials. As it is uncovered, it can get damaged easily. When anything hits automotive windshield glass, it can cause chips & cracks. An auto glass technician can repair the damage within a few minutes if it is minor; otherwise, they may replace your windshield with a new one. 

Typically, the windshield glass is designed to protect the driver from harmful sun’s UV rays while driving on the road. Drivers must maintain the car windshield, and if they spot any damage, they should get professional assistance. However, people must want to know when they should replace a windshield. Here in this article, we have discussed everything. Such as;

What are the different types of windshield damage?

Types of Windshield Damages:

An auto windshield offers the following windshield damages, such as; 

  • Combination Break
  • Star Breaks
  • Bull’s Eye
  • Clover Leaf
  • Bee’s Wing
  • Minor Chips,
  • Half Moon

However, auto experts can repair minor chips swiftly. Still, if the damage is extensively severe, it will require an immediate replacement. Consult with an expert auto technician to determine the most appropriate solution. 

Can You Repair the Auto Glass Damage?

An expert technician can help determine whether your car windshield needs repair or replacement. 

The main key factors are as follows;

  • The dimensions of the damage,
  • The area of the damage
  • The seriousness of the damage,
  • The number of cracks & chips.

If there are several minor chips & cracks, your car technicians may advise you to replace your windshield. 

How Long Does a Windshield Last?

Usually, the windshield glass is entirely different from regular glass. Glass manufacturers use tempered glass to produce glass windshields as they are stronger and more resilient than ordinary glass. 

One of the essential things you should know about windshield replacement is everybody must see the lifespan of the glass. If you experience damage to auto glass, its lifespan may get reduced. Although, if there is no damage on the car windshield, its life span may remain longer. 

Usually, a windshield glass may range between eight to ten years. However, it may differ according to the type & model of the vehicle. The average lifespan of the windshield is around five years. 

When Should You Replace Your Broken Windshield?

A replacement windscreen may be required due to specific damages. For instance, a new installation will be necessary if something flies onto the windshield at great speed and rips a hole in it. But as has already been mentioned, each damage is unique, so it is up to the expert to determine if a windscreen glass repair or a windscreen replacement will be the best action.

You’ll require a new windscreen if;

Wider cracks:

Usually, if cracks are longer than a dollar note, It is impossible to repair. Likewise, if a chip is more significant than a quarter, visit an auto technician to replace your windshield. A repair will only work if a chip or crack is large. Therefore, the technician will have to take out the damaged auto glass and replace it. You take professionals to help to fix substantial fissures frequently.

The Gap is too Wide:

The inner and outer glass layers and the middle layer of PVB make up a windscreen. You will require a replacement if the damage is severe enough to have entered both the outer and inner layers. The technician will probably advise a replacement even if the glass layers have not been penetrated. Still, the damage has revealed the plastic coating.

Numerous little cracks or chips

Technicians can fix tiny fissures quickly. However, it is challenging to fix several chips or cracks. It is impossible to repair the damage if numerous small chips in your windscreen occur simultaneously. Even if all the chips are set, the car’s structural integrity will not be restored, endangering your safety while driving.

If the Crack Is in a Serious Place

A crack on the driver’s side of the vehicle requires replacement auto glass, no matter how little. This is the reason why the location of the chip or crack is so essential. A small chip can be fixed anywhere on the windscreen besides the driver’s side. However, any damage to the driver-side auto glass is significant and requires a comprehensive inspection by the glass technician.


You should immediately get assistance from a qualified auto glass technician if you notice any damage to your windshield. After thoroughly examining the damage, the expert can determine whether to repair the crack or replace the cracked windscreen. However, if your windscreen sustains a sizable chip, break, or several damages, it will probably need to be replaced. If you live in the Austin, Texas, area, stop by. 

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