How Long Does A Windshield Replacement Take?

Generally, Windshield repair or replacement is not a big hassle. Sometimes people put it on hold as they think it takes lots of time to get fixed. However, windshield replacement time depends on various factors, including humidity and the temperature, the model of the car, the type of adhesive used in the process, the size of the damage, etc. Usually, auto glass repair & replacement consumes sixty minutes. Still, it is not the standard duration as it may differ depending on various factors discussed earlier.  

Factors That Affect the Time Length In Windshield Repair:

Size of damage: The length of windshield damage depends on its size, location, and severity which often determines whether you need windshield repair or replacement. If the damage is minor, technicians can fix them quickly. But if they extend further, resulting in severe damage. It can harm your windshield’s strength.  

The adhesive: used in the repair or replacement process affect the wait time after replacement. You will have to wait to have a safe drive. Technicians should use the most sturdy windshield adhesives and the quickest curing time so that you can drive home safely in the shortest amount of time. 

Car Model: The car’s model also plays a vital role in determining the total time involved in car windshield repair and replacement. If you own a newer model, the vehicle might have sensors and a wide assortment of wires connected to the windshield, for example, spacing sensors, temperature monitors, etc.

Usually, the whole windshield replacement process consumes around two to three hours. To have a stress-free installation, you should consult your technician regarding the time amount and other vital facts like cost and the adhesive material. Most professionals advise waiting once the installation process gets completed.  

You should understand the entire installation process and consult the experts on the weather conditions on that particular day. They can recommend the best adhesive material for the installation process. These significant factors affect the waiting time after the installation process. If you try to drive instantly after the installation, you risk your safety. 

What are common safety concerns with a cracked or chipped windshield?

The most safety concerns associated with a damaged windshield are;

  • Ejection from your vehicle.
  • Inadequate view
  • Improper airbag deployment.

How long does a windshield replacement take?

According to experienced technicians, a car windshield repair process may take approximately fifteen to thirty minutes. If professionals suggest windshield replacement, it may complete in one to two hours. 

You can also discuss the time limit with professionals. They can repair your windshield in an estimated time and may explain any concerns.  

Note: When you are looking for an auto glass repair & replacement company, ensure to ask for a lifetime warranty in a written format associated with your car windshield repair or replacement. 

How to know that the windshield is repairable?

Some essential factors can help determine that your car windshield is repairable, such as;  

  • Size of the impairment: When the windshield’s cracks and chips are about one inch in diameter or if it extends up to three inches long, your windshield is repairable. 
  • The profundity of the damage
  • Area of the crack or chip
  • Sort of crack or chip
  • If your vehicle includes passenger side airbags

If the damage is extensive, your technician will suggest a windshield replacement. 

Mobile services for windshield replacement:

If your vehicle has become damaged and needs to be repaired and replaced immediately, don’t wait too long; contact auto glass repair services as soon as possible. You can also call mobile services to get it fixed immediately. 


Suppose auto repair & replacement companies have confirmed that your car requires a windshield replacement. In that case, they will start the process once you agree. Usually, the windshield replacement process involves thirty to sixty minutes. But if we count after replacement time, it can exceed up to two hours. After installation, care is necessary to avoid further consequences. 

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