Most often, people overlook the protective elements of the car, such as car windows & windshields. They focus on other things such as th paint of the car, tires, and the interiors. They even install car perfumes to have a fresh fragrance inside the car. But they need to pay attention to the windshield glass for better vision and safer tours. Get windshield coating now.

Recently, there have been multiple resources to take better care of their vehicle’s glass. Applying ceramic coating on glass has become an important trend to guard your car and offer a sleek & shiny look.  Can you put a ceramic coating on your windshield glass? Let’s collect important information about it;

What is a Windshield Coating?

A windshield coating is one of the essential components of the car’s safety components. The ceramic coating is a lifesaver. Research has shown that if you want to improve your view through the windshield glass, especially in rainy seasons, a treated windshield can cause a great difference by avoiding an accident. 

Applying this special ceramic coating over your vehicle’s windshield makes it easier to wipe away water, bugs, dust, and other things that may affect your windshield view. 

How does it Work?

Just as we live our lives using our five senses of smell, taste, touch, and eyesight, the same way windshield plays a vital role in protecting the driver and the passengers. 

Ceramic coating over your windshield glass delivers the most amazing results. Professionals apply ceramic windshield coating over their vehicles using a water-repellent silicone film to protect the driver’s vision. The coating allows the raindrops or condensation to bead up. It enhances the wiper blades’ ability to wipe the water. With ceramic coating, rainwater beads up, avoiding a dangerous situation that may cause accidents. 

Apart from this, the coating also wipes unwanted materials like dust, ash, dirt, and bugs. 

Should I Ceramic Coat my Windshield?

It is one of the most important questions that everyone should ask. Maintaining windshield cleanliness is vital for clear vision, especially during bad weather. You can take the assistance of professionals to get the ceramic coatings on your car’s windshield. There are several ceramic products are available on the market. 

Can you put the ceramic coating on the windshield?

The main advantages of using ceramic coatings on car windshields are as follows;

Professional ceramic car coating involves specialized materials to improve durability for several years. If you feel hesitant about applying ceramic coatings to your car’s glass, you should know about these benefits. 

Better vision even in rough weather conditions:

Ceramic coatings entail hydrophobic properties meaning water does not stick and restrict your view. Suppose you are outside during the heavy rain; the rain droplets will spread all over your windshield, making your visibility poor. A ceramic coating on your windshield will ensure that your visibility remains good in bad weather conditions, be it fog, a cloudy atmosphere, fog, or a rainstorm outside. Be safe and avoid road accidents by using the ceramic coating.   

Awesome clarity:

Ceramic coating is a great water repellant and helps avoid accumulations of any elements that may cause the visibility to be cloudy or hazy. When professionals apply it correctly, there won’t be any residue once you place the ceramic coating. Also, it is UV resistant and anti-glare. 

Zero scratches:

When put correctly, ceramic coating for windshields and windows is constructed of a unique, extra-durable material that maintains scratch resistance. Having the coating on lowers the possibility of harming your glass, even if your automobile is exposed to sand and small pieces of debris on the road.

Simple to Maintain:

The coating on your car’s glass makes cleaning it quick and uncomplicated. Removing contaminants like bird droppings, tree sap, bug splatters, and dirt can be difficult. The ceramic coating on the glass makes wiping them off simple. If you frequently travel by car or own a transport company, this might be extremely useful for ensuring the safety of your drivers and the goods they are moving.

Windshield ceramic coating application procedure steps.

It is simple to apply ceramic coating to your windshield. A professional installer is advised to ensure everything is in working order. However, if you decide to put on a ceramic coat yourself, here are the measures to follow.

Assure the cleanness of your glass.

  • For the coating to adhere properly and stick for a long time, your glass must be clean, clear of debris, and dry.
  • Keep an eye out for any hidden debris or moisture in the rubber seals and edges. Examine its condition as well.
  • Are there currently any minor cracks in it? Most of the cars would need 1 stage of paint correction as part of preparation.
  • The second stage of paint correction can be required for any scratches. Just be careful when polishing glass because it is simple to leave very small scratches on it.

Put the coating on

The application procedure follows after the preliminary work is finished. To start, ensure you are not in direct sunlight, which might degrade the coating’s quality and endanger the surface of your glass. As directed, section by section, in a straight line, either from top to bottom or from left to right, apply the ceramic coating to the glass.

After the application of the ceramic coating, wait for it to cure. Typically, it will take less than five minutes to cure.  

May it does not get done perfectly on the first attempt, repeat the steps mentioned above until you get the expected results. 

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