Common Problems with Windshield Wipers

Having windshield wipers in your vehicle makes it easy for everyone to drive in ever-changing weather conditions. Whether it is the rainy season, or a bunch of snow coming down, having windshield wipers may handle everything all of the above. As windshield wipers do not have the superpower they would also lead to glitches if they are not properly worked. 

If your windshield wipers are not working then it is not only trouble but it would be sometimes a hazardous risk. For safe driving, it is essential to have clean windshield wipers. If you can’t see the windshield, then it means that you are not ready to react to incoming traffic and hazards. 

Several reasons are there where your windshield wipers do not work and the problem is completely vital for safe driving. Given below are the 5 reasons for your windshield wipers not working properly. 

#1 Build-up Snow or Ice 

Are you aware of the cold winters in some cities where the fight of the wipers is being broken due to the weight of wet snow? Tough snow requires regular cleaning of a brush before you start working on your wipers. If there is a wide amount of snow building up, then the weight may lead you to bend your blades. Also, the wipers motor may easily get harm, and the wiper arms may strip at the axles or jump them entirely. 

Always induct winter wiper blades in your vehicles, if you are living in an area that gets plenty of snowfall. So, always ensure to clean your windshield wipers before you head out. 

#2 Burned out fuse 

The other common reason for windshield wipers not working is the fuse which is blown out. The motor of the wipers many times blow out when they become destroyed, and that results in power being avoided from attaining the wiper system. 

Also, if such a situation happens with your windshield, then you need to investigate it for any restraints. Heavy snow or wipers blade is caught as something that is mostly the culprit. At this time too your windshield wipers would not work, then it’s time to see a professional change your windshield wipers

#3 You can not wipe away the water beads 

Several ways are there for windshield treatments to have a clear view which causes water drops to bead and run off the glass. Nevertheless, you might find that the water is not being wiped away and will stab your windshield. Your windshield might have built-up debris or dirt that does not let the water wipe away. Always try to give your windshield a thorough cleaning with an effective glass cleaner. Always sure to not use the products that may scrape or break your windshield. 

#4 Control the broken wipers 

Whenever you see your wipers, you may reach out to control the wipers. It is usually a part of a multipurpose button that works on the high beams, turn signals, wipers, headlights, and washing functions. All of such things might cause a switch to fail. The break-in power between your wiper motor and the wiper controls avoid them from working.  For the segregation of your problems, test the signals, and if your controls fail then it is similar that the signal turning may turn out to be defective. If you think that the control has broken then your technician would fix it asap. But driving without wipers turns out to be a hazardous situation. 

#5 Wipers blades are torn out 

The condition of your wiper blades and your windshield wiper is not working properly, then there would be a direct relationship between these two. The blades of a wiper need to be free from tears or nicks to clean off the windshield properly. If the wiper blades are not in a good situation, then they may leave unwanted tricks and strips on the windshield. Also, they will scratch the glass of your windshield if dirt may get caught where the rubber is missing. 

Further, preventing such a situation, may daily exchange your wiper blades. So, that the visibility and glass of the windshield do not have any risk. 

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Now you are aware of the 5 most common problems with your windshield wipers not working. Confidently that the mystery of having a damaged windshield wiper has been solved now. If you have faulty wipers which affect your windshield, then do contact windshield heroes to fix windshield wipers. 

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