Can a Windshield Shatter From a Crack?

A windshield may shatter due to the impaction of an object like a rock or other complex substances. Though, car owners may experience windshield shatter due to the ignorance of cracks, stress, or glass defects in particular vehicles. 

Can a Windshield Shatter on its Own?

There is always a valid reason behind windshield shattering. Your car windshield may often have small cracks or chips for specific reasons. But a windshield may shatter if you do not resolve these issues timely. 

It is widespread to have a cracked or chipped windshield compared to a shattered one. Suppose the chips and cracks in the windscreen are minor. In that case, you can repair or replace them before it becomes more prominent, causing major issues. 

Here in this article, we will explain why a chipped windshield needs to be replaced. 

How is windshield glass made?

Windshield glass is manufactured with the floating glass method. This process involves the heating technique. Professionals heat the raw material until it reaches the molten state. Then they pass it through the molten tin until it becomes flat. 

What will shatter a windshield?

A small chip in the windshield can turn into big cracks due to constant pressure or changing temperatures during a standard drive. Water can reach between the windshield glasses layers causing low temperatures that may lead to a frozen state. As a result, the crack may expand further due to low temperatures. It is so because low temperatures may cause contraction in the glass, causing more significant damage. 

If you have a cracked windshield, the whole windshield may be replaced, which is a more complex matter. 

What to do when your windshield shatters while driving?

Suppose you are driving on the road and you hear a thud sound produced from the striking of a stone on the windshield. What do you see? A giant crack on your central glass can become more prominent, causing windshield shattering. If you continue driving without replacing or repairing it, you are putting your life in danger. Therefore, plan everything before you face such situations to secure yourself from other crises.      

However, the windshield glass is solid enough as it has multiple layers. In any case, if you have a chip on the exterior layer, there won’t be a big difference in the situation as the car is still under protection. 

A damaged windshield may result in obstructed visibility leading to dangerous driving. Also, chips can weaken the windshield glass manufactured to secure the lives of the car passengers. Suppose you are driving with a chipped or cracked windshield and have an accident; the results may be very severe.   

Follow these steps to ensure your safety when your windshield shatters during driving. 

Pull Your Car Over and Assess the Damage:

If your windshield gets shattered during driving, stop the car to assess the damages, as driving after shattering risk your life. So, pull your car over immediately. Check the damage thoroughly and click the pictures for the sake of insurance companies. It is so because insurance companies cover the cost only when they know the cause of the damage. 

Don’t Apply Adhesive Tapes to a Windshield Crack:

Some drivers think they should use adhesive tapes over the cracked windshield to protect it from damage. Only trained professionals can use the tape; otherwise, it may get broken into pieces, which can be more dangerous.

Moreover, auto glass repair DIY kits are unsuitable for more severe damages and cracks. So

Auto glass repair kits are also no match for substantial damages and cracks. Only apply adhesive products once you see us first.

Don’t Run Your Car’s Defroster:

With a cracked windshield, never turn off your car’s defroster as sudden temperature may cause windshield cracks to worse. Even more, the latest glass can stretch faster, generating chips & cracks. Also, you can’t scrape the ice if the damage is already on the screen. 

 In such conditions, consult a professional regarding the current situation and ask whether the heating car is the correct option. 

Close Your Doors Gently:

We understand how finding a broken auto glass feels. Try not to slam your car door if you have already damaged windshields. The sudden force can exaggerate a minor crack or chip, so your windshield may be broken into pieces. 

Call Windshield heroes:

Contact our heroes when you notice small cracks on your car windshield. They will arrange a list of professional auto glass repair & replacement centers so that you can resolve your issues correctly. If you have any doubts or queries, you can call us any time.