Best Ways to Clean Car Windshield Outside

Keeping the car’s front window clean is vital to avoid visual obstructions to stay safe for the vehicle & the passengers. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the car’s front window neat & clean from the outside & inside. You must know how to clean the car’s front window and outside windshield. 

To get a spotless car windshield outside, you must scrape off bugs and tar using a bug remover. To clean the car windshield thoroughly, spray glass cleaner on the windshield and wipe it in horizontal & vertical directions on both sides of the car windscreen. 

Things You Need to clean your car windshield outside:

Bug Remover Spray: Remove the bugs from your car’s windshield with a bug remover spray.
Mesh Sponge: Scrub your car’s windshield outside using a mesh sponge.
Glass Cleaner: You should use a commercial cleaner or a solution of vinegar and water to clean the windshield from the outside.
If you are considering a commercial glass cleaner, ensure it is ammonia free to maintain the safety of your car’s windshield. You must wear gloves and use the step tools to achieve your goal.

Other than that, you can use the following tips;

Microfiber Towels: using microfiber towels, you can wipe the windshield to get a spotless outside car windshield.
Paper Towels: you can also use paper towels to clean the windshield wipers properly.
Clean windshield wipers utilize warm Soap Water or Denatured Alcohol; however, the method is optional.

Stepwise Instructions To Clean Car Windscreen Outside:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

When unwanted things like haze, dirt, tar, and bugs accumulate on the windshield, and if they turn hard, making it difficult to eliminate them, follow these steps to clean car windshield correctly and resolve this issue effectively. 

Step 1: First, remove bugs using a Bug remover spray and mesh sponge. 

Spray car windshield exteriors using the spray and leave it on the windshield for around five to ten minutes. If the windshield is dirty, you must leave the spray for longer. 

Afterward, wipe the windshield with a mesh sponge. Lastly, pour water on the windshield to wipe it hard to get a spotless windscreen. 

Step 2: Raise the Wipers

To clean the car windshield outside wholly, raise the wipers and wipe the whole car windscreen.  

Step 3: Spray Glass Cleaner

Are you using a commercial glass cleaner? Dilute it first, which entirely depends on the type you are using. Therefore, make sure to read the product instructions before using it. 

Opt for a vinegar & water mixture. To clean the car windshield outside correctly, the ratio must be ten percent to ninety percent. You can even use a higher proportion of both substances. If you want a clearer view of the car’s windshield, you must also clean it from the inside. Clean a side at a time. 

Step 4: Swab the First Half of the Windshield Vertically, Then Horizontally:

  • Always wear gloves while cleaning the car windshield outside to avoid any smearing. You can also use a step stool to clean the central parts of the windshield.  
  • Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the windshield in vertical and horizontal directions.
  • Also, wipe the windshield from top to bottom continuously until you reach the windshield’s edge. Keep wiping until the windshield gets dried. 

Step 5: Follow step four for the windshield’s second half.

Once you finish all the steps, follow the third and fourth steps on the car windshield’s first half. Repeat steps three and four on the other side of the car windshield.

Step 6: Polish the Surface of the Windshield:

Buffing your automobile’s windscreen with a microfiber towel will make it shine. Buff the windscreen one side at a time, just like when you cleaned the glass with a cloth.

Step 7: Clean the Wipers in 

Finally, wipe the windscreen wipers down with a paper towel. If they are particularly filthy, soak the towel instead with warm soapy water or denatured alcohol.


You can remove outside windscreen haze and streaks from windows by following these instructions for cleaning a car’s windscreen outside. And you’ll be driving a well-kept, considerably safer vehicle on the road. 

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