Windshield Heroes: a platform for finding the best windshield service and price

How often have you found yourself staring that little chip or crack on your car windshield? Probably many times if you have been driving for a while. Every time you think about repairing or replacing your windshield you become overwhelmed with the calling and appointment and the sales calls and keep putting it off. Well, what if you could find the best technicians and prices right from your smartphone? Windshield heroes are designed to be a bridge for people and auto glass technicians and simplifying the process by providing each side the ability to choose what is best for them.

The law pertaining to cracked windshields and effect on the driving experience

Federal regulations prohibit driving a vehicle with a crack on the windshield that is directly in the driver’s line of sight. This is due to the field vision being distorted or impaired which may be a hazard to those on the road.

Though the law allows some leniency at the state level, taking into consideration the severity of the damage. Some states on the other hand make it illegal to get behind the wheel if the windshield is damaged. There may be fines to pay if a damaged windshield is not repaired for too long.

A modern solution for an age-old problem, Windshield heroes

For so many reasons, a cracked windshield needs to be taken care of, and ever since the protective windshield was first installed onto vehicles, repairing or replacing a damaged one has been a hassle. Not to mention very costly as well and time-consuming.

It is labor-intensive and sometimes finding the right windshield for your make and model of vehicle is not the easiest of tasks. It is why people often put off getting a windshield repaired for far too long.

It would be hard to imagine that a digital solution that incorporates the use of technology would ever be available for a problem that is as physical as a cracked windshield. But, Windshield heroes have done just that. Rightfully finding a place in the age of technology solutions where the use of apps and online stores to book services and place orders is a booming trend.

How does work?

cheap windhshield replacement repair service

Windshield Heroes find you a hero to fix your windshield problems.

It is the cheapest windshield repair platform which brings together specialist and experienced windshield technicians and customers who are in need of their services. Reliable technicians and customers can both register by logging onto the website or download the app from the Apple app store or google play store.

Once registered, customers can place orders for services while technicians closest to them are notified once a service is requested. It is clearly understandable how the availability of an online feature makes it efficient and economical at the same time since the technicians closest are notified and the costs of commuting to and from a job can be minimized. A typical windshield job can take around 1-2 hours so mobile service might be ideal for some people. The technological edge further cements windshield Heroes as a pioneer. The website allows estimates, orders, and schedules to be updated and monitored online.

You may think that there might be delays if the serviceman shows up at your door with the wrong replacement model. Well, there is no chance of that happening. Part of requesting a service involves uploading pictures of your windshield along with vital information such as the make and model of your car. The entire process takes only a few minutes. This not only allows for real-time damage assessment but also determines if the damage can be fixed by repairs or needs a replacement.

While you fill in all of this information online for experts to review and assess the damage, you also save valuable time that you would otherwise be spending looking for a technician, getting assessments, estimates, and facing possible service delays.

The availability of these services online makes Windshield Heroes one of the cheapest windshield repair services without compromising on the quality of service which will always reflect on your windshield every time you get into your car.