What Type of Windshield Glass Is Used In Car Windows?

Safety is a significant concern for any car owner. One of the major factors is the car windshield, which is very important for the car owner’s safety.   A car windshield glass protects the driver and the passengers from any dust, dirt & debris that could harm the people inside the car. 

You should have a shatterproof car windshield to protect yourself from the sharp edges of broken glass if an accident occurs.

Never get a fake windscreen installed in your car:

The fake car windscreens are composed of poor-quality raw materials. Poor-quality windshields are more likely to have chips, cracks, and leaks. If you have a rubber-mounted windscreen, it might be more prone to leakage than bonded screen due to the damage to the rubber seal.

Moreover, leakage from bonded screens is very difficult to fix. Generally, this situation arises due to bond breaking. In such cases, you must remove and rebond the windscreen, but it is risky. Also, the entire screen could break during the removal. 

Usually, car windscreen glass is shatterproof so that it won’t get broken into sharp pieces. 

What are the different types of car glass?

Different types of glass are used in vehicles, as each glass serves another purpose. For example, windshield glass protects drivers from dust & debris. 

Vent glasses are mounted next to retractable windows. You can roll them down to fix the rear door. 

Let’s have a detailed look at car window glasses;

Front Windshield Auto Glass:

It is the most crucial part of the car. It shields passengers and drivers from unwanted dust, dirt, wind, insects, and other components during traveling. 

Some windshield glass also comes with UV coating to shield you from harmful sun rays. However, it is only sometimes necessary. 

Back Windshield Auto Glass:

Rear windshields are composed of tempered glass. The rear car windshields are attached to the frame; therefore, you can’t move them. However, some car models come with sliding panes that can open upward.

You must have noticed the horizontal lines on the car’s rear windshield. These lines send currents of electricity to warm the rear windshield pane. The main objective of heating the rear windshield pain is to defrost the ice so that you can see through the window correctly in the winter season.   

Car Glass:

Most car models come with tempered glass to protect the car’s passengers. So, car glass can be vent glass, quarter glass, glass roof, side windows, etc., 

You can also find a glass run channel that keeps the glass in its original position. A glass run channel holds the glass pieces and fragments once it gets broken. 

Different Types of Glass for Car Windows:

Mainly there are two types of car glass, and you can find the either laminated or tempered glass.

Tempered Glass:

The rear and door windows of the car come with Tempered glass. After creating tempered auto glass, professionals treat them with quick heating & cooling processes. They use this method as when the tempered glass cracks, it mimics the pebbles’ shape.  

Since these are not sharp, nobody won’t get hurt physically when they scatter onto your body after the accident. When your tempered car windshield glass cracks or chips, you must replace it timely as they can’t be repaired. 

Additionally, in industries, tempered glass is used to manufacture a wide range of glass products, including cell phone screens, baking dishes, casseroles, etc. 

Laminated Glass:

Usually, windshield glass comes with laminated glass. It is tough as this windshield glass is designed to survive extensive impacts without shattering or scattering. It help prevents injuries from flying shards.

The invention of laminated glass was back in the 1920s. Professionals blend two glass sheets using a polyvinyl butyral layer in between the sheets. Once they fuse the layers together using a high heat level, the laminated process is completed.  

What Are Replacement Glass Options?

When your car glass bears, an auto glass technician may offer you two options, including OEM auto glass and aftermarket auto glass. 

This is what this means for you.

OEM Auto Glass

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The OEM glasses are original, so once it breaks, you must need the identical piece of previous glass.

Aftermarket Auto Glass

Aftermarket auto glass comes from a company that is a genuine manufacturer that composes certain pieces of glass to fit specific vehicles. 

The second one comes from the OEM manufactured using a different production line. 

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