Reducing Glare During the Night With A New Windshield

The most threatening concept in driving is to drive at night with the windshield glare. Driving at night might be a daunting task for both the new and experienced drivers. Generally, at night, the ability to see becomes less especially when you have low vision. Having a dirty windshield glare will lead to cause many accidents and damage if you are driving at night. The glare caused by untidy mirrors, windows, and eyeglasses will only worsen the problems. The issue of glare should be reduced by keeping your vehicle mirrors, headlights, and windshield screen clean both from inside and outside. Along with this having properly aligned headlights and mirrors would also lessen down the glare and vision issues usually at night. 

For this, we are having the 2 methods which one should need to follow for safe drives at night. 

#Method 1- To Keep Your Car Clean 

The first and foremost method to have a clear windshield glare is to maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle. This method has the following 3 subpoints. 

1. Clean your windshield

Take the help of the windshield cleaner to clean the front and back windshield at least twice a month. Further, if you are taking your vehicle for a prolonged period of driving at night, then always ensure that you clean your windshield before only. 

2. Ensure to have the clean mirrors and windows

A good driver will always clean their mirrors and windows once a month, whether they are dirty or not. Further, one may use a detergent-vinegar mixture to clean these as well. Spray the mixture onto a microfiber cloth and wipe both the in and outsides of the car windshield. Also, get your windshield surfaces and mirrors to be neat and clean with this mixture. 

3. Clean your headlights

For getting your headlights clean, one may use toothpaste to get it done. Take a damp cloth to wet your headlights. Implement a tablespoon of toothpaste to each headlight. Now with the help of that damp cloth, spread the toothpaste evenly on the whole surface. Rinse the toothpaste for at least 1 minute, and the main focus should be on the untidy areas. After this, wash the headlights with water and parch them with a clean microfiber material. 

#Method 2 – Accommodating Your Mirrors and Lights

As per method 1, it is important to keep your car clean but together with this. It is also essential to have adjusting lights and mirrors for your car. For this, we have the following four points which help you out in this process. 

1. Take the use of your rearview mirror’s night setting

Go and search for a switch or lever behind or under your rearview mirror. By turning this lever on one may change the setting of your rearview to its night mode. By doing this setting, the headlights of the cars driving behind you will show much dimmer. And the glare produced from them should be lesser while driving at night.                  

2. Ensure to have a proper alignment of your headlights 

For this, one needs to go to the car dealership or the best Safelite Auto Glass Repair Near Me technicians to check this out. The properly aligned headlights will be more beneficial to see you better during the time of driving at night. Further, this will help the other cars to watch you out properly at night. 

3. Check the alignment of your side mirrors. 

For the proper alignment of your side mirrors, one should need to rest the head against the driver seat window. Do the proper adjustments to the mirror until you have can see your car’s rear corner. After this, learn to another side whether the head of the car is in the center or not. Also, modify your other mirror until you may find the rear corner on the other side of the car. 

4. Shut down your interior lights. 

The lights on the inside of your car would be more aggravate glare. Thus, this would make it more challenging to see. However, if you are using these lights even for a couple of seconds at night. 

Let’s Sum Up!!

To avoid the accidents that occur by the glare at night, do follow the above-mentioned methods. These should be recommended by the best and superior professionals of windshield heroes. Further, if you want any of the services related to your windshields such as repair or replacements. Then do contact our experts to get it done immediately. Schedule your appointment today with us to have the best facilities for your car.