Is Fixing The Rear Windshield Important?

If your rear window has cracks or chips, it might affect the safety of the passengers sitting behind the seats. Also, you will need a clear view of the vehicles coming from behind, which is also dangerous for your life. Therefore, maintaining the rear windshield is equally important as the front car windshield.

 Please don’t skip the rear windshield repair services for safety reasons; you must get them fixed as earlier as possible. You must know whether to repair the glass or go for a complete rear window replacement.  

What is the difference between Rear Windshield and the front windshield?

There are only a few major differences between the front and rear windshields. Everybody must be aware of the facts, like the appearance of both types of car windshields is the same, but it is the only similar thing between them. The rear windshield comprises tempered glass, also known as safety glass. The potency of this glass material helps the rear window maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle while securing the car driver and the co-passengers. But if the rear windshield has chips & cracks, the tempered glass may get shattered due to substantial force.    

On the other hand, the front windshield is made of laminated glass containing a polyvinyl butyral sheet between the two layers of the glass, making it naturally flexible. This unique & special design allows the windshield to resist substantial impact to avoid shattering. It helps maintain the passengers’ safety. Moreover, it is easy to repair once broken or damaged. 

Why is it necessary to fix the rear windshield?

Rear View: Most cars include rear and side view mirrors that help to watch reverse and gauge the traffic to the car’s rear. 

  • The rear windscreen means the car glass at the back of the vehicle. The rear window is vital due to the following reasons, such as;
  • It offers maximum visibility to ensure safe driving, whether you are looking in the rear-view mirror or reversing. 
  • Offers protection against damage, theft, and bad weather.
  • It provides strength to your vehicle, as without glass, your vehicle may get deformed easily during a collision.
  • Offers various great features like a windscreen wiper, a built-in de-icing system, and a third, high-level brake light at the top of the hatch, known as a third brake light.  
  • Some car models come with a GPS receiver and a radio antenna; if the rear window is broken or damaged, you won’t be able to use these systems.

 Hence, keeping the rear windshield in the condition is a crucial aspect to follow. 

How to replace the rear window?

Visit only an authentic automobile car repair & maintenance center to repair or replace the car’s rear windshield. The professional automobile repair & maintenance center may use the following tips, such as;

Rear Glass Replacement Process:

  • At first, the professionals will remove the broken rear glass and dust & debris on it. After that, they clean the opening.
  • Now they will install a new back window that should match the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) quality standards. 
  • Now, they will apply AGSC (Apply Auto Glass Safety Council) approved adhesive or tape to the opening of the rear window. 
  • Install a new glass following the AGSC procedures. Professionals will ask you to wait until the adhesive gets dried. 

Once you allow the adhesive to cure, you are safe for driving.

How much does it replace the back windshield?

The cost of repair windshield replacement may differ depending on the size of the damage & the car model, and the year. However, the average price may range from $200 to $1000. Visit only a professional auto glass repair center that specializes in handling various car models’ windshield glass repair & replacement. You can even ask for quotes to know the actual price of the maintenance cost.  

Does insurance cover the rear windshield?

Most insurance companies provide coverage for rear windshield repair & replacement services. Visit only approved auto glass repair & maintenance shops to benefit the cost coverage with insurance companies. Suppose you have doubts about whether the insurance company will cover the expenses. In that case, you must consult an authentic auto glass repair & replacement store about whether to claim the costs.    

If you don’t have car insurance, you can contact the technician immediately to get a quote for the expenses. 

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