Winter is the toughest time of the year for the vehicle windshield. Exceptionally, the fluctuating temperature, poor driving situations, road debris, and heavy rainfall may take a toll on the health of the auto glass.  Some car owners forget the windshield while preparing the rides of winter. However, the winter weather will put a lot of strain on your windshield, creating an important way to find effective solutions to protect and maintain the safety, visibility, and structural integrity of the vehicle windshield. At windshield heroes, we deliver quality mobile windshield replacement and repair services to make sure your windshield is in the best condition. We have mentioned some of the tips on how to take care of your windshield when winter affects it. 

Maintain A Safe Following Distance

The condition of the winter roads may itself be necessary to maintain a safe distance all time. Always make sure to eliminate the ice and snow from their vehicle windscreen and roofs, as many of the drivers forget to do this.  If the driver reaches a higher speed on roads, then the excess of snow and ice on the vehicles may fly off suddenly, which may lead to a dangerous situation. However, if you follow these drivers in a very close space, then put your safety at risk, particularly if you are driving too fast to evade sudden road barriers. 

Temperature Differences Develop Cracks

Similar to the materials, the ice contracts when it is cold and grows when it is warm. When the temperature changes occur too fast, the stress may put a crack in the windshield glass. It is true that if the temperature is variable around the complete pane for instance when the car is parked in the shade. Several cases are there where the forces are powerful enough to shatter windshields. 

Keep Washer Fluid Tank Full

At the time of winter months, many of you will be using the windshield washer fluids much more often. When the vehicle windshield glass surface is clean, which means you would have a better view of the windshield. Then, it is easier to stain the damages which require to get repaired. Additionally, keeping the washer fluid tank full, ensure that the wipers blades should be in very good situations. Hence, it will help you to brush away the ice and snow smoothly. 

Be Proactive About Minor Repairs

Throughout the winter season, the windshield takes a thrashing.  Heavy showers, bad road situations, and ice scrapers all result in minor windshield chips and cracks. To avoid or prevent your windshield from getting worse, you may observe the damage and be prompt about the windshield repairs. Once you fail in getting these chips and cracks from repairing, the harsh winter situation may cause the damage to spiral out of control. Thus, this may lead to having full windshield replacements. 

Clearing Icy Windshields Can Cause Damage

The drivers or the car owners will extract the ice that forms on the surface of the windshield. Although, the best thing to do is use the ice removal tools like ice scrapers rather than shovels or knives. To evade the glass damage, avoid stabbing into the ice build-ups as this would result in chips, scratches, and cracks. The effective technique is to squeeze horizontally together with the glass. 

Schedule Windshield Repair With Windshield Heroes!

If you are also looking for the “windshield auto glass repair near me” then you must know if the windshield has minor chips or cracks. Then, it is essential to get the repair process done as soon as possible. At windshield heroes, the professionals are specialized in windshield repair and crack restoration to help and prevent minor damages before they would lead to an out-of-control situation. To learn more about our services, do visit our website or feel free to fill out the form available on the contact page. 


Qes: Is it ok to have the windshield replacement in the winter seasons?

Ans: Yes!! It is perfectly fine to get the windshield replacement or repair in the winter months in a heated garage. To ensure that the outcome from the final glass product would be efficient and effective for installers. 

Qes: Can I pour the hot water over the windshield to defrost it?

Ans: No, the drastic change in temperature may lead to determinants of the windshield, especially when there are existing cracks or chips. Try to gradually heat up your vehicle on cold days to maintain the durability of your windshield.