Common Reasons Why Your Car Windshield Gets Damaged

You may be the most careful driver out there. Still, sometimes you can’t control outside influences that may affect your vehicle. For example, you can’t control whether or not the truck in front of you kicks up rocks that chip your windshield. You can’t control that stray golf ball that just happens to hit your windshield and create dozens of cracks in your field of vision. Because you can’t control these outer influences, you must prepare for the likely event that you will need windshield repair during your vehicle ownership. 

The windshield is vital for any automobile as it protects the driver and the car’s interior from harsh weather conditions. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your windshield is not damaged. There are various reasons behind the damage to your car’s windshield, including;

Road Debris:

One of the most common causes of windshield damage is the sudden hit of rocks and gravel thrown up from the road surface by other vehicles’ tires. The velocity of the collision is so high that it can break your windshield glass instantly. Specifically when a heavy vehicle sends those chunks of pavement through your windshield. 

Sudden & Extreme In Temperature Changes:

Suppose you live in a region where the weather changes its mood. For example, professionals design the auto glass to expand and contract according to the weather’s natural conditions. If the temperature fluctuates, throwing hot water on a frozen windshield and showering cool water, your car windshield may crack.   

Car Accident:

If you have a big car accident on the road, your car windshield will break into pieces. However, the car windshield has tempering and protective coatings to prevent your glass from breaking into risky shards. If you have damaged car windshield due to road accidents, maybe insurance companies will cover the cost. 

The flying debris might chip or crack your glass if the accidents are minor. But the smallest chip can still extend, causing a giant crack due to the vehicle’s movement. If the issue is still not solved, the technicians may replace it rather than repair it. 

Low-Quality Glass:

Beware of getting installed low-quality glass. Avoid visiting an auto glass repair shop that stocks low-quality glass. Therefore, try getting services from an authentic auto repair shop to avoid quality issues. In that case, you should return to the installer store immediately.

Unsuitable Installation:

If you get the windshield repair or replacement service from a professional with no expertise in this area, you might face the consequences. If you notice any of these visible signs, such as; 

  • Wide gaps amid the glass and the frame
  • The loud cracking sounds
  • New visible cracks
  • Water leakage.
  • The appearance of the glass is blurry or wavy.

 If you notice any of these signs, visit a nearby auto glass repair shop to protect your car windshield that needs to be repaired immediately.

Use of abrasive cleaning materials:

We must never use powerful abrasives to clean a windshield because they can and can scratch the glass permanently. Instead, use soft abrasives like scrubbing or scouring pads.

Use a soft wash mitt, a car wash sponge, or fresh towels at all times. Use only approved glass cleaners or auto shampoo to clean your windshield; stay away from detergents and other dangerous substances. And only use wiper washer fluid or plain water to fill your washer fluid tank.

Utilizing faded and broken wiper blades:

Wiper blades are significantly more crucial to road safety. They help to clean your windshield, but occasionally they could do a lot of damage. Your windshield is more likely to get damaged if you use old wiper blades. The metal frame may harm the windscreen if the rubber or silicone blades are already cracked and broken. Additionally, the edges will just spread any material, such as sand or mud, which may harm your windshield.

You can avoid such problems easily; just check your windshield wipers daily to determine whether the wipers’ blades are functioning correctly or not. If you think they need to be changed, replace them immediately.  


Your car windscreen is crucial to the safety of the driver and other passengers. A properly fitting windscreen is necessary for effective airbag deployment and contributes 34% of the structural integrity of your car. Additionally, your windscreen takes a lot of abuse because it shields you from the weather. Windscreen damage at some point over the life of your car is unavoidable.

Contact our windshield heroes if you are looking for an authentic auto glass repair & replacement center near your location. We will help you by providing a list of certified stores that use high-quality glass & adhesive materials when repairing or installing the windshield.