Car Windscreen Wipers, Everything You Need to Know

Windscreen wipers are a vital part of driving safety. It is essential to identify the correct size and type, so you can easily change them. A wiper blade comprises a windscreen wiper arm, connector, spring flexors, rubber element, and spoiler. The rubber element is particularly vulnerable to wear over time due to exposure to sun and weather. Picking suitable wiper blades will ensure proper contact with the glass and smooth wiping action.

What type of wipers do I need?

Consider the features of car windscreen wiper blades before buying them. Know about the windshield wipers size, blade types, and the appearance of the wiper. Here, in this blog, we have given an overview of the various parts of car windscreen wipers.  

What are Windscreen wiper parts? 

A windscreen wiper consists of the following parts, such as;

  • Windscreen wiper arm: Generally, the windscreen wiper is created using metal, and the mobility of the windscreen arm is transferred from the wiper motor to the wiper itself.
  • Connectors: They help the wiper blade with the wiper arm. Using a suitable connector ensures the function of the wipers. With suited connectors, the wipers work efficiently and silently.  
  • Spring flexors (inside or outside the rubber blade): The spring flexors help control and balance the pressure and wiping actions along its length. To make precise contact between the blade and the glass, it is necessary to match your windscreen with the curvature of the spring flexors. 
  • Rubber element: The following component is made from chloroprene or natural rubber as the blade adjusts the angle at the end of each stroke across the windshield. The rubber element that touches the glass surface is treated with special graphite powder and coating to minimize friction. These features ensure a delicate angle change when the wiper goes up and down the windscreen. 
  • Spoiler: It is attached to the windscreen wiper on the driver’s side to enhance aerodynamic effectiveness and minimize the wind lift when driving fast. 

What are the different types of wipers?

There are three wiper blade types: hybrid, flat, and conventional. If your car has traditional windscreen wipers, you can replace them with hybrid or flat wipers for a visual & performance grade.

Conventional windscreen wipers:

A few years ago, Conventional windscreen wipers were the most common for new cars. Recently, the latest cars have flat blades. Conventional windscreen wipers include metal or metal plastic structures comprising a central bridge and articulated links offering four and eight pressure points that rely on the blade’s size. 

Spring flexors distribute the force produced by the wiper arm spring via the wiper bridge and connect flexors to the rubber element to apply consistent pressure to the glass.

For automobiles with windscreen washer jets attached to the wiper blade, spray bar pods, a driver-side spoiler, and curved passenger-side blades are available for traditional windscreen wipers.

Horizontal windscreen wipers

Flat windscreen wipers are now a common feature of modern autos. They have tensioned metal flexors supporting the rubber element to utilize the pressure created by the airflow. This makes it possible to create a more balanced and quieter aerodynamic shape.

To ensure uniform pressure along the contact edge, the flexors shape the blade profile to match the windscreen. It occupies less of the driver’s field of vision than a standard windscreen wiper and is also more discrete.

A hybrid windscreen wiper

Hybrid windscreen wipers, as their name implies, combine traditional and flat windscreen wipers. They benefit from the aerodynamic qualities, flat windscreen wiper appearance, and standard windscreen wiper function.

The blade’s incorporated spoiler reduces wind lift to maintain constant downforce along the blade’s entire length. Especially at high speeds, this holds the rubber blade on the windscreen for quiet and smooth movement.

Different sizes

Many sizes are available in addition to various windscreen wiper kinds and styles. If you choose too long blades, they will collide or go over the edge of the windscreen. Moreover, windscreens with too-short blades can’t clean entirely, lowering your field of vision and safety. If you need more clarification, it’s essential to measure your existing windscreen wipers or refer to your owner’s manual to be sure you choose the right size for your vehicle.


Vehicle-specific wiper blades are used for windscreens. In some cars, the size of both wiper blades is the same. The two wiper blades are of different diameters on various automobiles. To clear as much of the windscreen as possible, the manufacturer evaluates the ideal wiper blade size and picks for proper fit.

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