5 Questions When Hiring Auto Glass Specialists

Due to the significance of windshields in the structural integrity of your car, you must ask questions while hiring auto glass specialists.

Everybody knows that auto glass technicians provide windshield installations and replacement services. They work for side windows, sunroofs, or other windshield components to keep your vehicle in the best condition.

Who is an auto glass technician?

An auto glass technician is a trained professional who provides his services for the installation and replacement of all types of auto glass. Therefore, it is essential to inquire about some important facts about the technician before you hire them.

What are 5 Must Ask questions before hiring auto glass specialists?

During the interviewing auto glass repair technician, see whether the technician is proficient and knowledgeable about auto glass repair and installation techniques.

Are your auto glass components federally regulated?

Technicians must know about the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards guidelines to determine what type of auto glass will meet the safety standards.

Auto glass-like ANSI Z 26.1 meets the safety standards set by Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards;

It helps prevent damage from collisions with glass surfaces.
Protects drivers and passengers from being tossed through automobile windows during collisions.
Make sure that driver visibility is with a minimum level of transparency in automobile windows.
The laminated windshield glass and side windows must pass glazing tests to win federal approval.

Once you decide to get services from an auto glass company that follows federal safety standards, you will be able to keep your passengers safe if there is a situation of a collision.

Do you offer a repair warranty?

Hiring Auto Glass Specialists;

An auto repair service may offer a warranty to ensure that the windshield glass will stay in proper condition in the future. A warranty offers additional security for the windshield glass repair and replacement. Therefore, you should certainly consider it.

Moreover, Auto glass warranties confirm that no repaired cracks or chips will extend further in your auto glass. Only an auto glass warranty provides such type of assurance.

If the chip or crack still spreads, you can head back to the same auto glass repair and replacement center to re-repair the glass.

Can I drive immediately after the windshield is repaired or replaced?

During the windshield repairs, auto glass technicians apply adhesives to the glass. So, they can recommend leaving the adhesive for a while until it becomes hard and strong. They may recommend you to wait for approx three hours. Still, be careful while shutting the doors as it may cause strains on the glass. Therefore, it is mandatory to ask and clarify the situation.

Are your Technicians Trained & Certified?

This is the most important question that you should ask in the beginning. Additionally, you should inquire about the auto glass technicians like

Whether they have sufficient knowledge and experience.
Are they authorized to provide their services?
Do they have certificates of the training?

Such questions play a vital role in choosing the right auto technicians to resolve windshield issues.

Do Auto Glass Specialists Use High-Quality Glass and Adhesive?

Make sure, you will get top-rated services and products. Usually, there are two types of auto glass including OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and OEE. Both are different based on quality and price.

An OEM windshield will come to you directly from the manufacturer and guarantees that its quality will be the best and the price depends on your vehicle’s manufacturer. On the other hand, an OEE does not include a brand name and provides a cheaper option. However, experts argue that the quality of both types of windshield glass is the same. So, it is totally up to you what you want for your vehicle; OEM or OEE.

The drive-away time for your car completely depends on the type of adhesive the autogas technicians use during the replacement or installation process. While most adhesives offer a drive away of a minimum of thirty minutes whereas others may require several hours to become hard for a drive away.


First, you have to be sure whether your windshield needs repairs or replacements. If you have cracks on your windshield, you should replace them. However, some cracks can be repaired. But if not, you must have to replace it to avoid further damage. Therefore, visit only an authentic windshield repair and replace center so that you can get the real solution to your windshield issues.

Windshield heroes’ services are reliable as not only their technicians are certified and trained but they offer timely and quick services. They always use top-quality materials while providing auto glass repair services. Don’t hesitate to contact us.